The Mommy Makeover For You & Your Mom

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The mommy makeover is becoming a trend among women who are wanting a boost in self esteem and to look their best. It is also commonly offered to women as a way for their children, husbands or significant other to treat them for special occasions, birthdays, holidays and mother’s day events. The makeover isn’t one style, but a combination of treatments and salon visits to help a woman look her best. Here are some ways to get a mommy makeover, including getting your  body back in pre-baby condition.

New Wardrobe, Hair, and Makeup

Mommy Makeover

Start with the clothing, whether it’s a new business suit for work, dress for the summer or an entire ensemble. New clothing makes every mom and woman feel her best. Next is the hair and makeup part of the makeover. Take her to her favorite hair salon to get a new cut and style. Don’t go too crazy with the style and let her give her input on what she would like. It should be stylish but also manageable after she leaves the salon. Also, she probably already has a favorite stylist, so ask her where she would prefer to go. After that, let her get her makeup done by a professional makeup artist as a nice pick-me-up.

Plastic Surgery Option

Another option is in the more extreme style of makeover. This includes breast augmentation, to enhance and lift their breasts, liposuction and laser therapy to tone tighten and shape the body. Believe it or not, many women choose this as part of the makeover experience. They gain self-confidence, feel good about themselves, and it shows in how they carry themselves. Not every mom is going to want this, but it is something to consider if she is interested. The options available can vary immensely depending on the woman, so have her talk it over with her plastic surgeon on what she’d like to do. Face lifts and neck lifts could be an option, as with an upper arm lift to take care of any sag. With a Mommy makeover, it’s all about making Mommy feel good about herself again and bring back the pre-baby look.

Getting Mom happy and vibrant again, looking like she did before the baby, can be a huge boost of self-confidence. She’ll look less tired and feel better when she looks in the mirror. Talk with a plastic surgeon who can give you all the options available to you and explain the procedures in depth. Whether you just choose one, such as a tummy tuck to tighten and tone, or go with several to get a more all-over refresher, is completely up to you. Go with what is going to make you look and feel your best, you only live once!