High Def Lipo

How Is Hi Def Lipo Different from Other Liposuction Methods?

Hi Def Lipo

Hi definition liposculpture produces undeniably different results from ordinary liposuction methods, even though the procedures used to create these differing outcomes are very similar. Many patients wonder how such similar procedures can produce such striking differences. The answer to this question has to do with both patient variables and some special techniques used by the doctor to perform hi def liposuction procedures.

The Hi Def Lipo Technique

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During ordinary liposuction procedures, doctors remove much of the fat in the target area to leave behind a slimmer physique. But plastic surgeons performing hi def liposculpture remove literally all of the fat in the target area to create a very athletic, toned appearance. Some of this fat can be injected strategically back into the target area or another area of the body where additional volume is needed.

In addition to total fat removal, hi def plastic surgeons take the time to create markings under the skin in the target area to accentuate the musculature. This creates an even more sculpted appearance to the body that has made hi definition lipsculpture famous. Though hi def liposuction sculpting methods are very similar to those used for the average liposuction surgery, proportionally more fat is removed during high def liposculpture , the fat can be injected back into the body to create additional volume, and plastic surgeons carefully accentuate the underlying muscles by creating grooves in the skin of the treatment area.

Important Patient Variables to Consider

Hi Def Lipo 02 Not all patients are good candidates for hi def liposculpture. Patients must be very close to their ideal weight and have skin with above average elasticity. Skin condition is very important because in order to see the accentuated underlying muscles in the treated area, the skin must tighten properly following the procedure.

Patients who are more than 4.5 pounds overweight may not be appropriate candidates for hi definition liposuction procedures in part because the skin tissue may not tighten properly over the target area following the procedure. The skin tissue could instead sag or develop unsightly creases or wrinkles. Additionally, doctors must be able to remove all of the fat in the target area. If there is too much fat in the target area, it would be dangerous to the health of the patient to remove it all during one procedure.

Which muscles can be enhanced with Hi Def Lipo?

Hi Def LipoAlmost any muscle group can be enhanced with hi def liposculpture. Men often differ from women in terms of the areas they tend to want accentuated through liposculpture. Indeed, the plastic surgeon must have a good eye for the ideal aesthetic features for both men and women. Women’s bodies are naturally more round and soft in appearance even when females are extremely athletic. In contrast, athletic men have more angular features and a much more sculpted appearance.

Which target areas are preferred by women?

Hi Def LipoIn contrast to the more sculpted, “ripped” appearance in men, hi def lipo, surgeons strive to create a toned and athletic appearance in women that still highlights their femininity. The hi def procedure can be used in a variety of different areas of a woman’s body, though the abdomen, breasts, buttocks, and back are particularly popular.

Women tend to naturally have less definition than men in the abdominal area of the body. Hi def liposculpture can, however, be used to create a feminine, yet athletic appearance to a woman’s abdomen. Women tend to have less fat on the back of their torso in comparison with men, particularly in the lower back, near the sacrum. This area is often targeted by hi def liposculpture surgeons. Though the torso is perhaps the most commonly targeted area in women, hi def lipo is often used to create additional tone and definition in a woman’s arms, chest (“breast definition”) buttocks, calves, and thighs.

Which target areas are preferred by men?

Hi Def Lipo Target Areas

Men naturally have more definition than women in the rectus abdominis (the muscle that runs vertically from the sternum to the pubic area) and oblique muscles (those abdominal muscles that run diagonally along the sides of the abdomen) of the body. Hi def liposculpture surgeons can create additional definition to bring out the natural musculature in these areas by using the rectus abdominis, linea alba, linea semilunaris, and transverse tendinous intersections as visual landmarks. Grooves are made in the skin to highlight the natural appearance of the muscles and additional fat is added, to create volume where muscle definition is poor.

Another popular area where men like to see more definition is in the chin and neck region of the body, although the arms, knees, buttocks, and back can also benefit from enhanced definition. Essentially the same technique used in the abdominal area of the body is used on other areas. Fat is removed, grooves in the skin are made to highlight underlying muscles, and extra fat is injected to create volume where it is needed. Hi def lipo can also be used to get rid of gynecomastia (man boobs) and create a “ripped” appearance in the chest.