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New Looks For This New Year – Top Cosmetic Procedures

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The new year is here, which means you get a fresh start. It is the perfect opportunity to reinvent yourself, whether it’s learning a new hobby or having a new year’s resolution to do better in another area of your life. Another idea is to have a brand new look by choosing from this upcoming year’s most popular cosmetic procedures. Here are some to consider trying.

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The lipoplasty is a very popular cosmetic procedure, and will continue to trend in the new year. It is also a great procedure to get now and have a new look for the new year. The lipoplasty is often referred to as body sculpting and helps you improve your body’s shape and curves. You can remove small areas of excess fat, tighten your skin and remove love handles and saddle bags. This is done with a very small incision, where the fat is vacuumed out. It is similar to liposuction, though there tends to be less side effects afterward. It is also good to get before the new year because you can be back to your normal activities within a few days.

Eyelid Surgery

If you aren’t happy with how your eyes look, just changing your eyelids and giving them a nice lift can make a huge difference. Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, tightens the loose skin you have around your eyes and removes bagginess underneath your eyelids. It won’t remove fine lines and wrinkles, just help with the bags and loose skin. You will have some bruising and swelling, so it isn’t the best option for short-term results. After about 10-14 days, the bruising will be gone.

Nose Reshaping

If you don’t want a full rhinoplasty, you can still get your nose reshaped with a less invasive procedure. Nose reshaping can be done for minor contouring and arranging of the cartilage and bone in your nose. The swelling and bruising is the worst in the first few days, but gets better after that.

Botox Injections

Another great option for a new look in the new year is by getting Botox injections in your face. This helps with a variety of different issues, including lines and wrinkles around your eyes, frown lines and smoothing out the skin in your face. It is minimally invasive and allows you to go back to your normal activities the following day, including a new year’s party. There is minor bruising, numbness and swelling for the first couple days after getting Botox.

These are just some of the cosmetic procedures you can consider for changing your look in this new year. Think of January as a new beginning and a new chance to reinvent yourself.

Facial Procedures to be Your Own Christmas Angel

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If you want to turn yourself into a Christmas angel this year, getting a facial cosmetic procedure is the perfect option. What’s better, many of the less invasive procedures available now provide easy recovery time and can get you looking your best in only a few days. Whether you want a procedure that helps you get to your party in a couple days, or you’re willing to go more drastic, here are some ideas for facial procedures to make you a Christmas angel.

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Skin Procedures

The first type of cosmetic procedure to have on your face for Christmas is actually a category of procedures. Skin procedures are those that with everything from resurfacing to removing lines and wrinkles. This includes a chemical peel, injectable dermal fillers, laser treatments, dermabrasion and Botox injections.


Another great procedure to get on your face to have an angelic appearance is with a facelift. This makes you look more youthful by removing any loose or excess skin, tightening your skin and tightening the muscles in your face. It is a fairly minimally invasive procedure as compared to some of other procedures you can get done on your face.

Cheekbone Implants

If you want to get more cheekbones to change the look and shape of your face, you might consider getting cheekbone implants. Also called a malar augmentation procedure, this will give you more prominent and higher cheekbones to balance out your face better.

Ear Surgery

If you have ears that stick out far from your head, you might want to do a simple procedure that places them closer to your head. This procedure is called an otoplasty and will change their size and shape so that they are pinned on your head, rather than being so prominent.

Lip Enhancement

Aside from getting injections to make your lips fuller, you can also get a lip enhancement surgery. This changes the shape of your upper and/or lower lip, as well as providing more plumpness and improving their overall appearance. Different materials can be used to make your lips fuller and match the rest of your facial face.


Lastly, if you feel like you have a little too much fat in your face or neck, you can also get liposuction performed in these areas. Be aware that some bruising, swelling and bleeding will follow the procedure, but it can be effective at tightening the skin and removing a little bit of excess fat.

This procedures range from minimally invasive, to major surgeries on the face, so what you get depends on many factors. This includes the cost, the risks and recovery time, and how much you are willing to go through for the appearance you are looking to achieve.

About The Upper Body Lift

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If you have recently lost a lot of weight, you are likely feeling very good about yourself, but also a little self conscious. When you lose a lot of weight in a short period of time, it unfortunately causes sagging, loose skin in certain areas of your body. Generally, the longer you were overweight, the looser your skin is because it no longer has much elasticity. You have a viable treatment solution for this problem with an upper body lift.

Reasons to Choose an Upper Body Lift

There are many reasons to consider getting an upper body lift, including having loose skin in every area of your body. For example, if you have rolls or have lost the elasticity in your skin, want to sculpt and tighten certain areas of your body, lift your breast or reshape your upper arms, remove excess skin and rolls from your upper back area, or just to find a safe and successful treatment following rapid weight loss. You can also remove back tissue in excess, which helps to accentuate your breasts. Just about anyone who has loose or sagging skin is a good candidate for the upper body lift, as long as they are willing to go with the recovery instructions.

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About the Procedure

The upper  body lift procedure is customized to what your final look and your personal needs are. Depending on the area of the body, there will be a small incision in the last conspicuous arm possible. With the breasts, incisions are either around the nipples or under the armpits. With the arms, surgeons try to keep the incisions between the armpit and elbow. The procedure is done under anesthesia, and multiple areas can be treated during one procedure.

The Recovery

After having the upper body lift, you will remain in the hospital overnight. Once the anesthesia has worn off, expect some soreness and tender areas in the part of your body where you had your surgery. You will need to keep the area of your body elevated for a couple weeks and reduce physical activities. Medication is prescribed and your surgeon will instruct you on other specifics for recovery.

The upper body lift can be done in just about any area of the upper body, being common in the abdomen, arms, upper and lower back, and breast areas. Find a surgeon today to discuss your options with getting this procedure.

Liposuction Trends for 2014

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In 2014, all different areas of plastic surgery are going to rise in popularity, including liposuction. Not only is traditional liposuction still very much popular, but there are constantly new methods being developed for quicker results and easier recovery time. The following trends are as minimally invasive as possible and will among the biggest liposuction for the coming 2014 year. Consider any one of these procedures for getting rid of stubborn fat.


Laser Liposuction

One of the popular liposuction trends for 2014 is going to be laser liposuction. It has been around for a couple years, and continues to be popular. It has even been nicknamed the “lunch hour lipo” because of  how quickly it can be done with very minimal side effects. In about an hour, you are completely done with the liposuction and it is virtually painless. The laser breaks up the fat in the area you are getting it done, plus helping to tighten your skin.

Ultrasonic Liposuction

The ultrasonic method for removing fat with liposuction is also starting to be used more often and will become a big trend in 2014. With this type of liposuction, high energy s used in order to melt the fat before it is removed. Because there are complications like longer recovery times, it is essential that you do your research when choosing a plastic surgeon for ultrasonic liposuction.

Breast Liposuction

Another popular trend coming up in 2014 is going to be with breast liposuction. This is known as one of the best alternatives to breast reduction surgery, as it is less invasive and offers excellent results. For individuals who are not happy with the size or sagging of their breasts can choose to get liposuction in this area of their body. It will remove the fat from the breasts, and won’t have the large scar than some breast reduction surgeries do.


One of the newest types of liposuction is called lipoglaze. This procedure was previously done for the lower pouch of the stomach that is often difficult to minimize with fitness and diet, but is now becoming popular with the inner thighs. Women are getting this done to have a larger thigh gaps, where their legs do not touch above the knee.

Research plastic surgeons before choosing one to perform your liposuction, regardless of which procedure you choose in 2014. You can also go for traditional liposuction, which is still very much in effect.

How SmartLipo is the Better Liposuction Solution

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There are many different types of liposuction available, each of which removes fat from different parts of the body. It is not intended as a weight loss solution, but to help contour and certain areas where fat is hard to get rid of through diet and exercise. Many people getting smart liposuction choose the arms, abdomen, thighs or buttocks as the most common parts of the body. Smart liposuction, called SmartLipo, uses lasers to provide treatment and considered a non-invasive procedure.

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About the Procedure

Smart Liposuction works by using laser technology turn the fat deposits in your body into liquids. A calibrated laser helps the plastic surgeon accomplish this. The laser ruptures the fat cells and turns them into a liquid, where it can be removed through the topmost layers of the skin. Only a very small incision is needed to remove the fat, since it has already been liquefied. Additionally, smart liposuction through the laser has the ability to hide the blood vessels in order to reduce fat, as well as reducing bleeding, bruising and swelling. General or local anesthesia may be provided for smart liposuction.

Faster Recovery Time

Because smart liposuction is minimally invasive, there is a significantly less recovery time than with traditional liposuction. Following this procedure, recovery usually only lasts a few days, or up to two weeks if more areas were treated using the SmartLipo technology.

Less Side Effects

All surgeries and types of liposuction include side effects, so smart liposuction shouldn’t be ruled out. However, there are much less side effects with SmartLipo as only a small incision is needed. Some side effects that might be different with this form of liposuction is the risk of burning of the skin due to the laser and liquefying process.

The Results

While the results of smart liposuction are successful, it is not technically as effective as traditional liposuction. While no type of liposuction is used for weight loss, smart liposuction is the choice for even less fat deposits to be removed than with the traditional type of procedure. Multiple procedures are sometimes needed for optimum results.

Before you schedule your smart liposuction appointment, have a consultation with a few different plastic surgeons in your area. This will give you a better idea of your options and what you should expect as far as the procedure and the recovery period. Always do sufficient research before choosing someone to perform SmartLipo.

Ways To Help Sagging Forearms With Lipo

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If you are struggling with sagging forearms, you are joining many other men and women with the same problem. It may be the result of aging, but most people have the sagging or loose skin because they have lost weight recently. It can be frustrating when you go through the work of weight loss, then have to deal with loose skin as a result. Here are some ways you can get help for your sagging forearms.


The first option you have is liposuction. With liposuction, the plastic surgeon will put you under anesthesia, then suck out the fat through a variety of different methods. After that is done, liposuction can also be done to remove some of the excess skin, then follow it up with a procedure to tighten that remaining skin.

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Upper Arm Lift

For loose skin that is a large amount and for patients with practically no elasticity left in their arms, upper arm lift is an option. This is done removing the excess skin after making an incision between the elbow and armpit, and then tightening the remaining skin so it is taut. It is a safe, effective and routine procedure often done for individual who are not happy with how their arms look after losing a large amount of weight.

Fitness Options

Fitness should really be the first thing you try. There are different exercises specifically designed for targeting areas of your arms, including your forearms. If you have just lost weight, give exercises like strength training, some time before going on to surgical options. Your skin may just need to regain its elasticity after the weight loss. Get a trainer if you are not sure which exercises to do, at least in the beginning. Stick with your regular fitness routine and by eating a healthy diet, and try it for several months.

Consult your doctor and a plastic surgery about the different options available to you. The amount of elasticity of your skin may determine exactly how effective each of these options. For some individuals, increasing their fitness can help tighten up the skin in the forearms, while others require an upper arm lift or liposuction. You may also want to try a combination of these different methods for the best results. In most cases, doctors advise trying fitness first, then switching to surgery if it is not effective.

Top Four Ways to Get That Bikini Body

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Having a bikini body is the goal for many women, regardless of their age. If you are thinking ahead to the summer when weather gets warm and you want to a wear a bikini, these tips can be highly useful. They provide the top four ways to get the body you have always wanted to look your best in your favorite swimsuit.

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Perhaps the best way to get your bikini body is by watching what you eat. Of course, all of these methods can be combined, but changing your diet is a great start. It helps to first be aware of what you are currently eating and drinking and keeping a record of it. Write down everything you eat for a few days and add up the calories, fat, protein and carbohydrates. It can be quite an eye opener into what you’re doing and possible ways to adjust your diet. Perhaps you don’t get enough protein or eat too many foods high in sugar.


Next, you should be focusing on your exercise. This has multiple benefits, ranging from helping you to get a bikini body, to improving your overall health. Even if you choose a body lift or liposuction, you should still be getting regular physical activity. Choose exercise methods that you will enjoy, as it increases the likelihood that you stick with it. It may be swimming, yoga or Pilates, aerobics, running or using a treadmill at home. Try to use a combination of cardio and strength training routines.


If you have lost the weight you want, but have a little extra bulge or fat in areas of your body, liposuction is a great option. While it cannot be used as a weight loss method, it is good for targeting specific areas where your fat is stubborn and no amount of exercise is helping to get rid of it. Liposuction it common around the midsection, arms, thighs, buttocks and breasts, which can help you improve and perfect your bikini body.

Body Lifts

Perhaps you have some loose skin in areas of your body, so liposuction won’t really help. With a body lift, you can tighten up those areas of loose and hanging skin, whether it’s in the arms after losing a large amount of weight, or your abdomen after having children.

You should always get proper diet and exercise, even if you choose to go with one of the other methods. Combined, you can have the best bikini body imaginable.

Getting A Breast Augmentation? Why You Should Consider Silicone Implants

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While they get a lot of airtime for having harsh effects on the body, today’s silicone implants are safer than ever. They are able to provide you with the shape and feel that you may want in your implants, and help provide you with a better over-all look. Should you be wondering about silicone implants and if they are right for you, here are some things to keep in mind.

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The Silicone Implant

  • Silicone Implants are also encased by a silicone outer shell. They come pre-filled in specific CC amounts with a thick silicone-based fluid. These can be placed in women who are older than 22 for breast augmentation.
  • Risk factors for getting silicone implants are the same as saline implants, capsular contracture, pain, infection, nipple sensation changes, breast sensation changes, implant leaks, and implant ruptures.
  • A ruptured silicone implant is not as noticeable, as the silicone is trapped in the capsule of fibrous tissue that is going to be around the implant. Silicone that leaks can cause breast pain and some breast shape changes. You will need removal of the implant via a surgical procedure.

Things to Keep in Mind About Silicone Implants:

  • You may be required, or strongly suggested, to have MRI scans done on routine basis. Every two to three years is a good idea to check for rupture.
  • They will make your routine mammograms a bit more involved than before. There are additional views that will need to be done when you have implants.
  • Breast implants are not going to keep your breasts from sagging. Nature makes breast tissue sag and if you already have sagging breasts, implants will not help this. You will need a breast lift to correct sagging.

Your surgeon is going to provide you with all the answers you need to your breast augmentation questions. Ask everything that is on your mind, including risks and complications. They may allow for computer simulations so that you can see what you’d look like with different sizes of implants, so that you can choose ones that you’ll be happy with post-surgery. Have a complete and open conversation with your plastic surgeon should you be considering silicone implants.

Questions Answered About Recovering from A Breast Lift

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Do you have questions about the recovery process for a breast lift? Are you considering having your breasts lifted and worry about the downtime and what to expect? There are many questions you may be having about the procedure and the after-effects. Breast lifts are a major surgery and you’ll have to reschedule some of your daily events to make allowances for how you’ll feel afterwards. Here are some of the most asked questions about recovery, answered.

How Will Things Be Right After the Surgery?

You’ll want to get out of the bed periodically after the surgery is completed. While you’ll continue to be able to move with less discomfort after a few days, you’ll be restricted from bending, lifting, and straining your body. You will probably be advised to sleep on your back for a while. There will be a few weeks where you will be wearing a support bra or sports bra to keep your breasts confined. There may be temporary numbness or sensation problems in the breasts and nipples. Incisions start out red or pink, but fade over the next few months.

breast lift recovery

How Will the Recovery Go?

You can get back to your job after a week or so and after a month will be able to take on normal daily activities. Your doctor may ask you to refrain from sexual intercourse for the next two weeks or so, just to make sure you are healing correctly first. Anything dealing with your breasts must be gentle and slow while the tissues heal.

Will the Results be Long Lasting?

The results should last indefinitely without extreme weight gain or pregnancy. While gravity as you age will change them a bit over time, only weight fluxuations will make major changes in the breast appearance following the procedure.

Breast Lifts are a major undergoing. They’ll take some downtime to get back to your normal routine and you’ll have some side effects to deal with such as swelling, bruising, redness, and discomfort. You may have a higher risk for infection, and if you see signs of it such as major redness, warmth, or pus leaking from an incision site, you should tell your doctor. Most risks are mild and temporary. Talk with your doctor should you be concerned about your breast lift and the recovery from it.

Should You Get Smart Lipo This Weekend?

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If you want to get a short and easy procedure over the weekend that gives you fast results, consider getting SmartLipo performed. By using laser technology, it is a minimally invasive form of liposuction that allows you to remove unwanted fat from different areas of your body. With a fast healing time, it is one of the best weekend body contouring procedure to get.

What is SmartLipo?

SmartLipo is a highly effective and safe laser liposuction method. It works by tightening the tissue and disrupting fat cells in individuals that choose this option. The reason it is ideal if you want to get it done over a weekend, is because the recovery time is short and side effects are minimal, allowing you to return to work or school by Monday morning. With SmartLipo, there is less trauma, less healing time, and less bleeding or bruising in the affected area. It also provides patients with a better return on their investment.

weekend smartlipo

Candidates of SmartLipo

Men and women who are close to their average weight are ideal candidates for SmartLipo. Like other types of liposuction, SmartLipo is not recommended for people who have a lot of fat to lose and should not be used as a weight loss method for obesity.

Recommended Areas of the Body

SmartLipo can be done on just about any part of the body with stubborn fat. The best body parts for this form of liposuction includes love handles, saddlebags, breasts, neck, jaw line, arms and thighs.

How Fast Are the Results?

You can get very fast results with SmartLipo. The procedure itself takes on average 1-2 hours, though this depends on how many different areas of your body you choose to get treated. You will see the results within a week, but can often start seeing a difference after only a few days. Results will last months or even years, as long as you are dedicated to proper diet and fitness.

Recovery and Risks

Another benefit to choosing SmartLipo over the weekend is the fact that there are minimal risks and a short recovery time. You won’t need to stay in the hospital as it is an outpatient procedure that only requires local anesthesia so you don’t feel the liposuction as it is performed. The scars on your skin are barely noticeable, without a lot of bleeding or bruising like with other liposuction methods.