Top Hot Cosmetic Procedures for the Summer

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Summer is a time when many people will be showing more skin than usual. Everyone wants to look their best, especially when they’re spending time in the summer sun. Increasing self-esteem is a reason many patients seek cosmetic procedures, and the summer is a time of pressure for many. The media is full of advertisements for hot new summer clothing, gorgeous sandals, and sexy swimsuits. The desire to look good is driving the demand for cosmetic procedures.

Top Summer Cosmetic Procedures

Laser Lipo:

SmartLipo, laser assisted liposuction has become one of the hottest trends in cosmetic procedures. Losing weight is probably the hardest thing to do quickly when the summer season hits. Traditional liposuction is a well known procedure where the surgeon literally sucks fat deposits out from under the skin. Laser assisted liposuction uses heat from lasers to liquefy the fat before it is removed. This has been hailed as a new and more efficient way to remove fat in targeted areas. These parts of the body are left smoother and also may be tighter than skin over places that have been treated with traditional liposuction.

Spray On Tanning:

Most people are aware that tanning, whether in a bed or the sun, can cause significant damage to the skin. When the dermis is repeatedly damaged by the sun or other light, it turns tough and leathery. Lines appear and the risk for skin cancer grows. Spray on tans give a healthy glow without the same danger as lying in a booth or on a beach without protection. Some spray on tans offer a measure of sunscreen too.

Mommy Makeovers:

Mommy makeovers are package deals offered by some clinics or offices to women that want to bring their body back to pre-pregnancy shape. It can be very hard, if not impossible to get rid of sagging skin from one or more c-sections. Cutting through the nerves and muscle can leave a paunch – mommy makeovers remove that paunch, tighten skin, lift breasts, and more. These makeover packages will vary from office to office. Some surgeons offer vaginal rejuvenation procedures to women that have had multiple children and want to improve the look or feel of their genital area. Due to the sensitive nature of this sort of procedure health insurance may cover a portion of the cost.

Other procedures that are popular in the summer are facial resurfacing treatments and wrinkle filling treatments. People want to look younger or fresher in the bright warm months. Even if a person looks great to others, their own self-image is what is important. Listen to your doctor before choosing a procedure. Don’t rely on what your friends think, as only you can be the judge of what makes you feel the best this summer.