The Rise of the Upper Arm Lift Leads To The Decline of the Butt Lift

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Cosmetic trends come and go, it isn’t anything new, But lately there has been a huge rise in the amount of upper Arm Lifts. Butt lifts are fading in the distance as more and more women are more focused on their arms than their derriere. What are the stats and why is this the trend now? One report finds out all the answers.

Arm Lifts - Cosmetic Surgery

The Upper Arm Lift:

Known as the brachioplasty, the upper arm lift changes the shape of that body part. Typically, it reduces the sagging skin, toning and firming up that section of underarm to the elbow. This is a surgical procedure and because of the area involved, there is always a scar. Many women find the trade-off of the scar versus flabby arms to be worth it. It helps when the arm has lost elasticity and has weak tissues and sagging skin. Exercise typically cannot take care of those items, but it can help strengthen the arm muscle and help with the muscle tone of the arm. Some upper arm lifts costs between 6,000 and 8,000 dollars.

The Butt Lift:

Butt lifts can be done with lipoinjections or a silicone implant. It gives a fuller, more feminine appearance to the buttocks, leaving them less flat and sagging. Lipoinjections is where fat is sucked out at places on the body and put back into the butt for fullness while the silicone implant is precisely that, an implant of silicone into the buttock area. Both will help shape and fill out a flat buttocks area. Both are surgical procedures, with liposuction being a bit less invasive than the silicone implants. One such type, the Brazilian Butt Lift, costs an average of 5,000 to 10,000 dollars.

The Report Findings:

Between 2000 and 2012, documentation supports that upper arm lifts went from just 300 procedures in 2000 to over 15,000 procedures in 2012. This report, from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, also took note of a serious decline between the years 2011 and 2012 of the butt lift. Butt lifts fell 36 % in those years followed closely by the butt implant cosmetic procedure with 25 % percent decline.

Why is the Upper Arm Lift Such A Trend?

Perhaps it is because celebrities such as Michelle Obama and Angelina Jolie are wearing more sleeveless numbers and women are suddenly more conscious of their upper arms and the way they look good and feel good. Noted “butt” celebrities JLo and Kim Kardashian aren’t as hot at the moment and women aren’t as keen to look like them. Once a very hot trend, the butt lift and butt implant may have started its descent because of the fickle nature of celebrity status.