Smartlipo Triplex


Smartlipo TriPlex is the most advanced form of Smartlipo laser technology that melts away fat cells while tightening skin via a triple wavelength form of laser technology.

Its three separate laser energy wavelengths allow for specialized body contouring, high definition laser-sculpting and skin-tightening settings, customized to the patient and areas of fat to be treated. It uses a solid state laser (Nd:YAG) that outputs radiation in 1,064nm, 1,320nm and 1,440nm wavelength, besting the 924nm and 980nm diode lasers currently on the market, for up to 40 times absorption rates of fatty tissue. The three wavelengths can be used separately or combined via MultiPlex technology.

The laser source is reliable, thanks to SmartSense™ with ThermaGuide™ technology, leading to controlled energy output. The method is also capable of high-definition sculpting, removing selected areas with fat deposits or placing fatty tissue where more is wanted to produce a chiseled appearance.


Candidates for SmartLipo TriPlex include those that are in good health, but who are not happy with results of diet and exercise. Smartlipo triplex is ideal for sculpting and contouring the arms, the abdomen, knees, breasts, neck, and jawline. Fat in trouble areas that are resistant to diet and exercise can be excised with the liposuction method. These problem spots include buildup of fat deposits in creating love handles, excessive neck fat, belly fat, inner thigh fat, upper arm fat, and saddlebags.

The amount of areas on your body to be treated depends upon your body type and weight. Generally, slender/thin patients can have up to eight areas worked on in one session. Those of average weight and height can receive up to six separate areas of treatment in one sitting. Patients that are very tall, heavy and/or obese may have up to three areas treated during one procedure.


The advanced method of laser lipolysis is considered more effective than most laser methods due to its tested coagulation technique for skin tightening. Many patients will see results almost immediately, while others will need more time for swelling to subside before noticing the difference.

Patients only need to undergo local anesthesia, greatly reducing risks, complications and side effects.

Like all SmartLipo techniques, SmartLipo TriPlex aids in a reduced treatment time and a shorter downtime after the session.

Loose skin, a problem resulting from most liposuction methods, is not an issue with SmartLipo TriPlex because the laser sculpting leads to defined waistlines in women and noticeable abdominal muscles in men.


The intervention may take up to 1-3 hours, depending on how many areas are being treated. During the procedure, a small metal cannula (similar in size to a pen tip) is placed underneath the patient’s skin, after tiny incisions are made for entry to the area. The laser energy is focused through the cannula tube onto the fat cells to be eradicated, making them rupture and become liquefied. The altered fat is then removed from the body by a suction tube. Meanwhile, the laser energy in three wavelengths is used to stimulate new collagen production via tissue injury and coagulation. The laser also helps break the septa bands that are responsible for fat accumulation and dimpling under the skin.


A small amount of patients may require pain medication to manage discomfort. Minimal bleeding, bruising and recovery time means patients can resume mild forms of activity almost immediately. They can return to work in a matter of days, and resume normal activities within two weeks. Patients must wear compression garments over the treated areas during the recovery process. Because SmartLipo TriPlex only requires tiny incisions, stitches are not used. This allows for open drainage of anesthetic solution at a faster rate. Incisions should heal within 2-4 weeks and the marks will disappear between 3-12 months.