Men Want Makeovers Too!

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Offering your husband or boyfriend a makeover is a great way to boost his self-esteem and treat him to something he would never think to give himself. Whether it’s his birthday, father’s day, your anniversary or another special occasion, use these tips to give him a “Daddy Makeover.” One thing you may want to consider too is the thought of a “refresher” plastic surgery option. Men can benefit from face and neck lifts, and bits of liposuction. Getting him looking sleek and healthy can boost morale and your sex life.

Get His Hair Cut and Styled

Start by taking him to a local salon and getting him a quality haircut. Have the stylist give him a cut that is either something brand new to him, or what he hasn’t had in a while. He should feel comfortable with the cut and be able to style it on his own before work, but a fresh new style is a great mood booster. While he is in the chair, it’s a good idea to have the hair stylist show him what styling products to use and how to use them, so he knows what to do when he gets home.

Consider Teeth Whitening

If he is interested in going a little further with the makeover, get him a teeth whitening package. You can visit his dentist and pay for it ahead of time, so all he has to do is call and make an appointment. This is a major ego booster and many men are getting their teeth whitened, and are trying to look good too.

teeth whitening

Consider Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

It’s not just for women any more, the Daddy Makeover can include little nips and tucks from a board certified cosmetic surgeon. Just like Mommy Makeovers give the an enhanced bust and tummy lift, men makeovers can tighten and tone the abdominal area and do some overall rejuvenation. Talk it over with your surgeon to see what type of options you have for looking younger and sleeker with plastic surgery. Liposuction can help tone a bit of the belly bulge your man may be having, as well as face and neck lifts can help whatever sag is starting to occur there. With a few minor provisions, your man can look years longer which may have him feeling better about himself. Some techniques are so subtle now that your friends and family may not even know he had work done.

Consider a Daddy Makeover for your man and talk with him about everything that could be done. From a new wardrobe to a bit of tightening and toning, the Daddy Makeover may not be as popular as the Mommy Makeover, but it may definitely growing interest. Ask about the options available and see what procedures may be right for him.