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Ultrasonic Liposuction vs. Water Lipo

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Ultrasonic liposuction and water lipo are both minimally invasive, modern methods of liposuction, and are designed to remove excess fat from the body, in order to streamline and contour the shape.  Both have far fewer side effects and a much shorter recovery time than the traditional methods of liposuction, such as bruising, swelling and bleeding.  Both of these new methods lead to the permanent removal of fat cells, and results will be long lasting, assuming that you do not gain a considerable amount of weight after the procedure.

Water lipo, also called body jet water liposuction, is performed under local anesthetic, and you can normally return to your usual activities immediately.  The procedure uses a water jet to detach the fat cells, which allows them to be easily removed using a cannula and gentle suction.  It reduces the risk of damage to the surrounding tissues, such as blood vessels, nerve cells and the muscles.

Water lipo

Ultrasonic liposuction is non-surgical and completely non-invasive, unlike water lipo, which requires the insertion of a cannula.  This method uses ultrasound waves to burst the fat cells, and this allows the contents to drain into the lymphatic system and be removed from the body naturally.  It will take between four and six sessions for the results to be visible, whereas water lipo shows results immediately.

Both of these methods of liposuction are safer, and less invasive, than traditional liposuction, producing a reduction in body fat and a shapelier figure.  Both are recommended for use on the stubborn pockets of fat that are unaffected by diet and exercise.

Dr. Oz Cosmetic Surgery Part One and Two: Dr. Oz Repairs Facial Scar from Childhood

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In a two-part series featured on the Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Mehmet Oz and his sister, Seval describe a childhood incident which began with a basketball game between brother and sister, and ended with a rock incident that neither could agree upon what happened.

Seval stated that she tossed a rock that accidentally hit him in the face, and Dr. Oz recalled her actions as intentional. Regardless of the real scenario that happened ages ago, Dr. Oz ended up with a scar under his eye that has been there all these years. After a funny banter between the two, mediated by the comic and night-show host Jimmy Fallon, Dr. Oz decided to have the scar treated and removed, live on the show by Dr. Arthur Perry.

Dr. Oz Has Childhood Scar Removed on Show Featuring Jimmy Fallon

Dr. Oz Has Childhood Scar Removed on Show

With Fallon and Seval by his side, to hold his hand through a laser procedure that literally took a minute to perform. Dr. Perry did not use numbing agents or local anesthesia so the laser could best detect the red scar to target and eliminate it.

See Part 1: Dr. Oz and Sister Seval Banter Over Childhood Injury Which Left A Scar Under His Eye

Click Here To Watch Part 1:

See Part 2: Dr. Oz Has Dr. Perry Treat His Remove His Scar from Childhood with a Laser

Click Here to Watch Part 2:

Many people are left with scars after accidents, injuries and even infections or acne. These scars can be the cause of self-consciousness and embarrassment as long as they appear. Even if they are not blatantly apparent to others or to the naked eye, the owner of the scar still knows it. Advanced laser technologies can target and eliminate scars through one or more treatments, depending on the depth and severity of the scar. Laser scar removal is fast and simple, and worth it for patients who want to remove them.

Well Endowed: Breast Reductions vs. Breast Augmentation

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Though breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery performed in the United States today, breast reduction surgeries are considered medical procedures because these procedures change women’s lives. While some women desire to have larger breasts, others are wishing they were less endowed.

Breast implant, augmentation and fat transfer surgeries are performed to increase the size of a woman’s breasts. Women who seek to have their breasts enhanced and enlarged in size complain that they feel their breasts are inadequate in size, due to their own perception or shared perceptions and taunting from adolescent years. Size and shapes can vary using implants, while fat transfers utilize the fat from another area of the body, which is injected into the breasts. Some women opt for DD cup size, while others are more conservative with the changes they wish to make. A happy medium has become more popular among women who choose to have their breasts augmented.

Though large breasts can get in the way of certain things like exercise, they are still appealing for women who want to look voluptuous. In contrast, there are women who were born with large breasts seek to reduce them in size. For many women seeking breast reduction surgery, the common story among them is their breasts became a focus for teasing during the adolescent years, and as they matured.

How Breast Size Can Be Reduced With Surgery

How Breast Size Can Be Reduced With Surgery

Breast implant and reduction procedures are both considered more invasive. Incisions must be made either way to place the implants or remove excess tissue. In most cases, breast implant surgery is elective and not covered by insurance, unless the breasts have to be reconstructed due to a mastectomy or deformity. Breast reduction surgery is more likely to be partially or fully covered by insurance, depending on the carrier and circumstances. If a woman suffers health issues as a result of her breast size, a surgeon can recommend reduction to improve her condition.

While breast augmentation is the most popular procedure for women in the U.S., most female patients feel a greater sense of satisfaction after breast enhancement and reduction surgery.

Four Daily Doses For Self Esteem

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Most if not all people have insecurities and days when our self-esteem could use a boost. There are many issues that can impact whether we feel negative or positive, daily. Personal and professional problems can interfere with our attitudes, along with health concerns, family and financial matters and how we feel about our outward appearance. Bad days are a part of life, and they can range from serious to superficial. Why else would people complain of having a “bad hair day?”

Daily Inspirations and Affirmations to Lift Your Spirits

Daily Inspirations and Affirmations to Lift Your Spirits

For downer days, here are a few tips to make lift your esteem and optimism:

Straighten Up: Believe it or not, sitting up and standing up straight, and walking tall can impact how you feel and project yourself. Upright posture helps lift us up. Practice straightening up your posture, it makes you feel better just by doing the act. It is also better for your alignment. If you are feeling slumpish, stand up and stretch, take a deep breath, then maintain your erect posture while stationary or mobile. This will help your confidence.

Morning Meditations and Affirmations: Some people meditate and practice daily affirmations to boost positivity. It’s true, people look in the mirror and say beautiful and motivating statements to themselves. And it works! Everyone is different, so how we get our daily dose of affirmations, meditations and inspirations may vary. Some folks look at beautiful images with strong, affirming statements, others sit in silence and breath while imagining beautiful scenes and meditating on good vibes, while others read daily prose that they can repeat throughout the day. Many people look for inspirations online and post them to social media to spread the cheer and good karma.

Personal Day for Mental Health: Have you ever taken a day off of work and the daily routines to break from the monotony and just relax or focus on the future and positive outcomes. Daily stresses can really add up and bring us down, collectively. Why not take a personal or mental health day to go for a walk or bike ride, see your favorite movie or read a good book and make your favorite meal? It is best to do this when you will have little to no distraction so you can just immerse yourself in leisure.

Treat Yourself to a Makeover or Spa Day: People who have spa days, manicures, and even cosmetic procedures and treatments really do feel better after. Several studies have shown how these beautifying therapies can make us happier and more content. Getting a makeover from a stylist, a new haircut, having a facial or even doing something more dramatic, like aesthetic treatments such as: Botox, dermal fillers, facial rejuvenation or liposculpting can really make us look and feel different, from the outside in.  You are worth the investment in yourself, so go ahead and pamper yourself.

Planning A Summer Wedding? Get Ready for Your Big Day

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Wedding season is upon us! Late spring and summer are the most popular times to get married. A wedding day is one of the most exciting and momentous days of a woman’s life. Most gals dream about their wedding day from the time they are young, and we want to look and feel beautiful and stunning when we walk down the aisle and share “I dos.”

How to Look Picture Perfect for Your Summer Wedding

How to Look Picture Perfect for Your Summer Wedding

Having a stylist to do your hair and a professional make-up artist to apply make-up is highly recommended to help you look fabulously polished. For brides-to-be who want to splurge on cosmetic/plastic surgery procedures, here are some of the most popular procedures and treatments performed:

Breast augmentation
Laser Resurfacing
Facial Rejuvenation
Laser Hair Removal
Dermal Fillers and Botox
Body Contouring and LaserSculpting
Non-Surgical Lipo
Spider Vein Removal
Mommy Makeovers
Skin Tightening and Cellulite Reduction

The key to looking like a “picture perfect” bride on your big day is to make sure you have the right surgeon perform your procedure and to allow yourself enough time before the wedding to heal and recover.  If you are considering dermal fillers, it is best to not over-do it. This will help you achieve your dream look. Now is the time to consider pre-wedding procedures, too. Look for special offers here!

How to Maintain and Manage Aging Skin

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As we age, most people develop wrinkles, crow’s feet, under-eye bags and our skin begins to sag. Here are some suggestions for products that help reverse the signs of aging, and help boost your appearance. To see how the face ages, see this creative video and watch the face age 30 years in two minutes:

The Aging Process: Ultherapy Video Shows 30 Years of Aging

The Aging Process: Ultherapy Video Shows 30 Years of Aging

Some of the most effective products that we can apply topically to the skin contain retinoids, alpha-hydroxy acids, azelaic acid, hydroquinone, kojic acid, and salicylic acid. These active ingredients can treat signs of aging, and have shown signs of improvement to smooth and tone skin for a more youthful glow.

It may seem like an old-wives tale or myth when someone recommends over-the-counter hemorrhoid treatments to reduce puffiness and get rid of bags under your eyes, but according to this WebMD survey, it is true. Hemorrhoid treatments can deflate under-eye bags. Another home remedy is green tea bags which contain natural anti-inflammatory chemicals to battle the bags, fluid build-up and retention. These are only temporary solutions to what may be a more permanent and persistent issue with aging, so you may want to consider dermal wrinkle fillers or a surgical eyelift.

Dark circles can be hereditary, and being tired makes them worse. Excess pigmentation under the eyes can be treated with Intense Pulse Light therapy or IPL treatments and some laser treatments, but your ethnicity will play a role in which procedures will work for you.

For skin tightening, especially in the lower face and neck, chemical peels and facials will not do the trick, your best bet is CO2 laser rejuvenation and skin tightening using radio frequency Ultherapy which uses ultra-sound technology. These methods stimulate tightening from deeper layers under the skin.

There is nothing glamorous about age spots. They can be embarrassing and hard to diminish. The best topical treatment is Hydroquinone, a topical bleaching agent available in prescription strength.

Topical retinoids are the most effective to firm and stimulate collagen, and they can be more effective when combined with Vitamin E.

Wrinkle Creams and Anti-Aging Products Offer Alternatives to Surgery

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Everyone wants to grow old gracefully and continue looking and feeling young for as long as possible. As baby boomers begin to see the first signs of aging, a variety of anti-aging protocols have become available. Bio-identical hormones, Botox, dermal fillers, facelifts, and other anti-aging options have become more popular as the population of aging individuals increases. But not everyone wants to go to extremes to maintain their youth. Some people are willing to grow old gracefully, using topical and injection-based products that merely address the aging process making use of the latest in advances in products, creams and fillers.

New Advances in Skin Care Creams and Anti Aging Products

New Advances in Skin Care Creams and Anti Aging Products

Natox is a new anti-aging cream that has been developed from completely organic and natural ingredients. It is free of toxins, which allows the skin to rejuvenate itself, ultimately creating a younger, more vibrant look. The results of using the cream are reliable, according to some people, given that it is included in a daily beauty regimen. Some resources report that patients report seeing results that are on par with Botox treatments, without the pain and inconvenience of seeking out a clinician to do an injection. But do skin creams really work?

Some topically applied cosmetic anti-aging creams are said to provide the same wrinkle-smoothing, age-defying effects as dermal filler or Botox injections. But some experts aren’t so sure. In fact, experts claim that if skin creams were able to accomplish the same kinds of goals as cosmetic surgeries such as eyelid surgery or a facelift, they would be considered drugs, not cosmetics. Prospective skin cream consumers are urged to consider the claims attached to the various containers found in the cosmetic departments. More often than not, skin care creams offer mixed results. Sometimes, they may even do more harm than good.

Consumers who are in the market for anti-aging surgeries or skin care creams need to think for themselves and not just go after a “quick fix” because it sounds like something that couldn’t possibly go wrong. Skin care creams that contain pentapeptides, long chain amino acids found in small groups that work throughout the body as chemical messengers may offer the biggest hope to people hoping to turn back the clock using skin cream. These products include Olay’s Regenerist line, Wrinkle Relax by DDF, and the Principal Secrete –Reclaim line.

Doctors are quick to point out that there are no medical studies published today that demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that these products work. However, experts who work in product testing know that the science and technology around these skin care products is rock solid. Believe it or not, skin care products do often incorporate some fairly respectable scientifically proven ingredients into the mix. Pentapeptides, for example, have been researched in their relations to wound healing. As part of what the body naturally does in response to healthy, published studies demonstrate that these pentapeptides can help to increase cells in the targeted area of the skin, while simultaneously encouraging the development of more collagen.

Tumescent + Smartlipo = Safe and Effective Body Sculpting

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One of the greatest advances and most popular forms of liposuction performed today is the “wet” or tumescent technique, and according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), tumescent lipo may be the reason liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the United States. This form of body contouring is used in conjunction with laser-assisted liposuction procedures, like Smartlipo, which is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure that only requires oral sedation and local anesthetic. Smaller instruments and devices are used, and only tiny incisions are made to access and remove unwanted fat from targeted areas, so there is minimal bruising, bleeding and therefore, a shorter recovery period for patients, after treatment.

Dr. Francine Vagotis of PHR Centers in Michigan is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures of the face body and breasts. One of the most common procedures she performs is body sculpting using Tumescent and Smartlipo or Vaser Lipo techniques to help patients get the physical definition they desire.

Dr. Francine Vagotis PHR Laser Centers, Michigan

Dr. Francine Vagotis PHR Laser Centers, Michigan

Here is how Dr. Vagotis describes a typical liposuction surgery procedure for patients who want to know how it works:

  • Dr. Vagotis makes a tiny incisions (so small they do not require suturing), then infiltrates the targeted area with tumescent (numbing solution). Then after the area is numb; she inserts the tiny cannula that holds the laser probe, no bigger than a ballpoint pen refill! This allows her to access and target the fat.
  • The laser heats and melts the fat, which is then removed by a tiny suction cannula.
  • Down time for Smartlipo is much shorter than traditional liposuction. Most patients return to work or normal activity in 2-3 days. Results are immediate, but improve as the swelling goes down and the body takes on its new form over time.
  • Expect swelling and tenderness for up to two weeks. Bruising is common. A compression garment is recommended for 7-14 days post-surgery to help in healing and maintain a smooth approach to the skin tightening that will keep improving up to six months.
  • Body contouring is not for weight loss or cellulite eradication. It removes deposits of excess fat from specific areas for a better-proportioned body contour.
  • The most common areas patients choose to have contoured are the abdomen, flanks or love handles, knees, inner and outer thighs, hip rolls, waist, chin and neck.
Most Common Areas for Body Contouring

Most Common Areas for Body Contouring

After Smartllipo, the weight or fat will not return, as long as patients maintain postoperative weight, the new contours will be permanent. Most patients have seen that after the “storage” of fat has been removed with SmartLipo they see weight loss due to metabolism restructuring since the “storage” fat has been removed. The process of post SmartLipo patients experience great results.

The Truth About Belly Fat: WebMD Survey Reveals Fatty Facts

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Upon receiving a WebMD survey titled: Worst Foods For Belly Fat, we decided to take the quiz, thinking we would ace it. We were surprised to learn a few new things about belly fat and we thought we would share the findings.

It’s true, belly fat is the worst kind of fat to accumulate, because it is more dangerous than excess fat around the hips, buttocks thighs and other areas. Part of the reason is because many of our vital organs are located within the torso area, where excess belly fat is stored. This can be restricting to those organs. Belly fat and being overweight is correlated with more serious health problems such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and strokes.

WebMD Survey: Learn Facts About Belly Fat: How To Fight It

WebMD Survey: Learn Facts About Belly Fat: How To Fight It

Most of us believe that fatty foods such as cheese, butter, meats and foods high in saturated fats are the culprits of belly fat, which is somewhat false. These foods can contribute to weight gain, but genetics, diet, age and lifestyle play the biggest roles. To offset foods high in saturated fats, it is best to eat more raw fruits and vegetables, and eat smaller portions.

When asked if calories from alcohol are worse than other foods, despite what we may believe, this is true. Alcohol is a big offender, because alcohol is high in calories, and also, because it puts your liver in the position to burn off the alcohol, so it is too busy to burn fat. In addition, alcohol can make you feel hungry and give you the munchies, so you eat more when consuming alcoholic beverages. Calories from alcohol are worse than other foods for belly fat? True

Of these choices: saturated fats, monounsaturated fats and trans fats, trans fats are the largest contributors. Trans fats contain hydrogenated oil, which can be found in cookies, crackers, pastries, fried foods, margarine and convenient snack foods, and by cutting down on these in your diet, you can reduce trans fat intake and battle the bulge.

Fat fighting foods include: blueberries, green tea. According to the Journal of Nutrition, green tea contains catechins which help burn calories, and in tested rodents, blueberries decreased abdominal fat. The assumption is that this blueberry effect would have the same impact on humans.

The fast food question came as no surprise. Yes, fast foods can make us gain weight, because fast foods are high in fat, dense in calories and in many cases over-consumed. Fast food is convenient, and the portions are pretty hefty. In addition, there is not a lot of nutritional value. When considering belly fat busters, fast food is at the top of the list to cut down.

For those who think replacing regular soda with diet, think again. It is not an answer. Soft drinks and high fructose corn syrup/sugar sweetened beverages are the biggest offenders in the obesity epidemic, according to the American Heart Association, but there is no conclusive evidence that by drinking diet over regular soda that you will decrease belly fat or lose weight.

Fiber factor: it’s true, eating more fiber-rich foods will help you lose weight. Replacing highly processed foods and refined grains with whole grains and foods high in fiber will help the waistline.

This was a shocker, when asked if men collect more belly fat than women, we answered true, and it is FALSE, which is dependent upon sex hormones. Women store more fat in the hips, thighs and buttocks until after the age of 40, when estrogen levels drop, then they gain more weight in the abdomen, but men tend to accumulate more weight in the belly, overall.

Also, when asked if belly fat is harder to lose than other areas of the body, we answered yes. Again to our surprise, it was false. We were wrong. The truth is when you are working to lose weight, you’re much more likely to lose it in your waist and midsection.

If you think that targeted exercises such as crunches and sit ups will specifically tackle belly fat, well, that is not the case. Crunches and sit ups will strengthen core muscles and help us lose fat, but not just belly fat. The best way to lose belly fat is through diet and exercise, in tandem. Gets a Facelift: New Website Design, Features and iPhone App

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Have you seen our new site?, a leading directory and website for surgeons and patients has just received a total website makeover. The newly transformed Smartlipo guide has been undergoing an interface “facelift” and was launched with a new look and design, yesterday.

New Home Page Design

New Home Page Design

The home page layout makes it much easier for patients to learn everything they need to know about Smartllipo laser assisted liposuction. From here, patients can now learn the basics of Smartlipo and laser-assisted lipo; watch step-by-step videos about the procedure and how it works;  find out average costs per body area and what it takes to be a good candidate for the procedure; learn how to prepare for a consultation and surgery; preview patient cases and view before and after pictures of Smartlipo results for abdomen, waist, arms, buttocks, thighs, chest and more; search their city or state to find qualified, experienced surgeons;  ask questions and get answers; and even download a new Smartlipo App for iPhones.

New Smartlipo IPhone App Available for Download: Browse Key Information (Procedure, Costs, Target Areas, Recovery) - Locate Surgeons and contact them

New Smartlipo IPhone App Available for Download

The awesome thing about the iPhone App is that it features everything you need to know about Smartlipo in a highly functional, yet simple app, featuring: videos, before and after images, surgeon locators, navigation and maps to the nearest Smartlipo surgeons in your area.

Take a moment to check it out and let us know what you think. We are interested in your feedback.