Ultrasonic Liposuction vs. Water Lipo

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Ultrasonic liposuction and water lipo are both minimally invasive, modern methods of liposuction, and are designed to remove excess fat from the body, in order to streamline and contour the shape.  Both have far fewer side effects and a much shorter recovery time than the traditional methods of liposuction, such as bruising, swelling and bleeding.  Both of these new methods lead to the permanent removal of fat cells, and results will be long lasting, assuming that you do not gain a considerable amount of weight after the procedure.

Water lipo, also called body jet water liposuction, is performed under local anesthetic, and you can normally return to your usual activities immediately.  The procedure uses a water jet to detach the fat cells, which allows them to be easily removed using a cannula and gentle suction.  It reduces the risk of damage to the surrounding tissues, such as blood vessels, nerve cells and the muscles.

Water lipo

Ultrasonic liposuction is non-surgical and completely non-invasive, unlike water lipo, which requires the insertion of a cannula.  This method uses ultrasound waves to burst the fat cells, and this allows the contents to drain into the lymphatic system and be removed from the body naturally.  It will take between four and six sessions for the results to be visible, whereas water lipo shows results immediately.

Both of these methods of liposuction are safer, and less invasive, than traditional liposuction, producing a reduction in body fat and a shapelier figure.  Both are recommended for use on the stubborn pockets of fat that are unaffected by diet and exercise.

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