Tumescent + Smartlipo = Safe and Effective Body Sculpting

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One of the greatest advances and most popular forms of liposuction performed today is the “wet” or tumescent technique, and according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), tumescent lipo may be the reason liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the United States. This form of body contouring is used in conjunction with laser-assisted liposuction procedures, like Smartlipo, which is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure that only requires oral sedation and local anesthetic. Smaller instruments and devices are used, and only tiny incisions are made to access and remove unwanted fat from targeted areas, so there is minimal bruising, bleeding and therefore, a shorter recovery period for patients, after treatment.

Dr. Francine Vagotis of PHR Centers in Michigan is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures of the face body and breasts. One of the most common procedures she performs is body sculpting using Tumescent and Smartlipo or Vaser Lipo techniques to help patients get the physical definition they desire.

Dr. Francine Vagotis PHR Laser Centers, Michigan

Dr. Francine Vagotis PHR Laser Centers, Michigan

Here is how Dr. Vagotis describes a typical liposuction surgery procedure for patients who want to know how it works:

  • Dr. Vagotis makes a tiny incisions (so small they do not require suturing), then infiltrates the targeted area with tumescent (numbing solution). Then after the area is numb; she inserts the tiny cannula that holds the laser probe, no bigger than a ballpoint pen refill! This allows her to access and target the fat.
  • The laser heats and melts the fat, which is then removed by a tiny suction cannula.
  • Down time for Smartlipo is much shorter than traditional liposuction. Most patients return to work or normal activity in 2-3 days. Results are immediate, but improve as the swelling goes down and the body takes on its new form over time.
  • Expect swelling and tenderness for up to two weeks. Bruising is common. A compression garment is recommended for 7-14 days post-surgery to help in healing and maintain a smooth approach to the skin tightening that will keep improving up to six months.
  • Body contouring is not for weight loss or cellulite eradication. It removes deposits of excess fat from specific areas for a better-proportioned body contour.
  • The most common areas patients choose to have contoured are the abdomen, flanks or love handles, knees, inner and outer thighs, hip rolls, waist, chin and neck.
Most Common Areas for Body Contouring

Most Common Areas for Body Contouring

After Smartllipo, the weight or fat will not return, as long as patients maintain postoperative weight, the new contours will be permanent. Most patients have seen that after the “storage” of fat has been removed with SmartLipo they see weight loss due to metabolism restructuring since the “storage” fat has been removed. The process of post SmartLipo patients experience great results.

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