Four Daily Doses For Self Esteem

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Most if not all people have insecurities and days when our self-esteem could use a boost. There are many issues that can impact whether we feel negative or positive, daily. Personal and professional problems can interfere with our attitudes, along with health concerns, family and financial matters and how we feel about our outward appearance. Bad days are a part of life, and they can range from serious to superficial. Why else would people complain of having a “bad hair day?”

Daily Inspirations and Affirmations to Lift Your Spirits

Daily Inspirations and Affirmations to Lift Your Spirits

For downer days, here are a few tips to make lift your esteem and optimism:

Straighten Up: Believe it or not, sitting up and standing up straight, and walking tall can impact how you feel and project yourself. Upright posture helps lift us up. Practice straightening up your posture, it makes you feel better just by doing the act. It is also better for your alignment. If you are feeling slumpish, stand up and stretch, take a deep breath, then maintain your erect posture while stationary or mobile. This will help your confidence.

Morning Meditations and Affirmations: Some people meditate and practice daily affirmations to boost positivity. It’s true, people look in the mirror and say beautiful and motivating statements to themselves. And it works! Everyone is different, so how we get our daily dose of affirmations, meditations and inspirations may vary. Some folks look at beautiful images with strong, affirming statements, others sit in silence and breath while imagining beautiful scenes and meditating on good vibes, while others read daily prose that they can repeat throughout the day. Many people look for inspirations online and post them to social media to spread the cheer and good karma.

Personal Day for Mental Health: Have you ever taken a day off of work and the daily routines to break from the monotony and just relax or focus on the future and positive outcomes. Daily stresses can really add up and bring us down, collectively. Why not take a personal or mental health day to go for a walk or bike ride, see your favorite movie or read a good book and make your favorite meal? It is best to do this when you will have little to no distraction so you can just immerse yourself in leisure.

Treat Yourself to a Makeover or Spa Day: People who have spa days, manicures, and even cosmetic procedures and treatments really do feel better after. Several studies have shown how these beautifying therapies can make us happier and more content. Getting a makeover from a stylist, a new haircut, having a facial or even doing something more dramatic, like aesthetic treatments such as: Botox, dermal fillers, facial rejuvenation or liposculpting can really make us look and feel different, from the outside in.  You are worth the investment in yourself, so go ahead and pamper yourself.

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