Dr. Oz Cosmetic Surgery Part One and Two: Dr. Oz Repairs Facial Scar from Childhood

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In a two-part series featured on the Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Mehmet Oz and his sister, Seval describe a childhood incident which began with a basketball game between brother and sister, and ended with a rock incident that neither could agree upon what happened.

Seval stated that she tossed a rock that accidentally hit him in the face, and Dr. Oz recalled her actions as intentional. Regardless of the real scenario that happened ages ago, Dr. Oz ended up with a scar under his eye that has been there all these years. After a funny banter between the two, mediated by the comic and night-show host Jimmy Fallon, Dr. Oz decided to have the scar treated and removed, live on the show by Dr. Arthur Perry.

Dr. Oz Has Childhood Scar Removed on Show Featuring Jimmy Fallon

Dr. Oz Has Childhood Scar Removed on Show

With Fallon and Seval by his side, to hold his hand through a laser procedure that literally took a minute to perform. Dr. Perry did not use numbing agents or local anesthesia so the laser could best detect the red scar to target and eliminate it.

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Many people are left with scars after accidents, injuries and even infections or acne. These scars can be the cause of self-consciousness and embarrassment as long as they appear. Even if they are not blatantly apparent to others or to the naked eye, the owner of the scar still knows it. Advanced laser technologies can target and eliminate scars through one or more treatments, depending on the depth and severity of the scar. Laser scar removal is fast and simple, and worth it for patients who want to remove them.

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