Arm Lifts Up Substantially in Hottest Plastic Surgery Trends

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What is it about the arm lift that is making the procedure one of the hottest plastic surgery trends of the decade? In the past ten years, arm lifts have gone up a staggering 4,000 percent. More women than ever are wanting to look good in short sleeves. Does it have anything to do with the Facebook facelift?

While the Facebook facelift is the trend for women to want to look younger and better in their profile pic and in the pictures they have online, perhaps some of the arm lift surge is for that same purpose as well. Not wanting arm sag or flabby bits in some of these more candid photos could definitely be part of the rush to have the nip/tuck done.

However, there is also a great surge that is being blamed for some personalities that have made sleeveless garments and toned arms the sought after look. Michelle Obama, the President’s wife, is one such celebrity. After Michelle got pushed to the limelight from her husband’s work, she has created a style that many women are emulating and craving. From her toned and sleek arms to her sleeveless tops, more women are wanting to end their sag and flab and are having more and more arm lifts as a result.

A study on arm lifts, the procedure where the loose skin tissue on the back of the arms that can cause arm sag, showed that an overwhelming 98 percent of all patients getting the procedure were women. It also showed that the predominating age bracket for women having arm lifts done is between 40 and 54.

The study also offered up some plastic surgery prices that can be a bit staggering, especially when you consider the 4,000 percent increase in the volume of procedure done. It showed that the average cost for just the surgeon’s fee for the arm lifts was $3,939. The surge in procedures over the last ten years? It makes for a total of $61 million dollars spent on having arm lifts done in the United States.

If you’ve questions or concerns over having an arm lift done, talk with a local plastic surgeon in your area. They will make sure that you have all your questions answered and can provide you with specific details as to the length of time the procedure will take, the amount of recovery to expect, and how to tell if you are a good candidate for the procedure. They can go over pricing and explore financing and insurance options for you.