Male Celebs Who’ve Admitted to Cosmetic Surgery

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While women are always in the news as having a lift here and a tuck there, men are typically quieter. Here are a few celebrities that don’t shy away from saying they’ve had work done. What was once the big Hollywood secret is now becoming mainstream and not something to be ashamed of.

Howard Stern — Radio personality turned reality TV star, Howard Stern has admitted to having liposuction to get rid of an unsightly double chin. He also has had a nose job to contour his nose to better suit his face.

Celeb Plastic Surgery

Enrique Inglesias — Julio Inglesias’ singing superstar son has also admitted to having cosmetic procedures. The trademark mole he once sported on his face was removed via a five-minute procedure that left him mole-free afterwards.

Bruce Jenner — The one time gold medal winning Olympian turned Kardashian reality star has a family that seem like poster children for cosmetic procedures. However, dad too has gone under the knife and has a nose job and at least two facelifts.

Barry Manilow — The popular singer once did try to keep his surgery a secret but has since come clean on having work done to his face. He’s had two face lifts, an upper face lift and a lower face lift, to achieve the “awake” look he sports today.

Kenny Rogers — This long-time country singer and one time restaurateur had work done on his face for love. It is reported that the facelift he had was so that he would be closer looking in age to his wife, who is younger.

Mickey Rourke — One time boxer turned actor, Mickey Rourke has told the world that he had some “damage from boxing” repaired.

Gene Simmons — Singer from the rock legend band KISS, Gene has had some work done. He went on television in 2007 to have a facelift with his girlfriend, Shannon Tweed.

While the fickle world of Hollywood is always peering into celebrities and playing the “Have they or haven’t they” game, some celebrities readily admit work. Gwyneth Paltrow has admitted to Botox at one time, and Joan Rivers famously recounts every time a surgeon touches her. While women are more apt it seems to admitting to it, perhaps it is male pride trying to make the world believe they are really aging gracefully without work being done on them. In a world where your job depends on your looks like Hollywood, plastic surgery can almost be a job saver and some men are starting to see that.