Extreme Plastic Surgery: Palm Plastic Surgery Gaining Popularity in Japan

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There are many different types of plastic surgery, including breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, nose jobs and tummy tucks. On the other end of the spectrum there are more “extreme” plastic surgery options, such as getting plastic surgery to look like someone else, or having toes shaved or removed to fit into pointy-toed shoes. The latest plastic surgery trend is actually popular in Japan, and is called Palm Plastic Surgery. It is gaining popularity as citizens of Japan race to get this easy, quick procedure.

What is Palm Plastic Surgery?

Palm plastic surgery is a type of surgical procedure that adds longer life longs on the palm of the hand, in an attempt to change or improve the person’s destiny. In Japan, they believe strongly that the lines on your palm are your fortune lines, and that altering them with this procedure has the ability to change your fate. There are different lines that can be added, including fortune lines, marriage lines or life lines.

How is Palm Plastic Surgery Performed?

The intent is to have lines that appear to be natural, so a straight line isn’t possible. To get the natural uneven and shaky effect, it is done through an electrical scalpel that burns lines into the flesh. These plastic surgeons don’t use regular lasers because it would create a line that is too straight, and once it heals, it would leave a mark that is much too light. So instead, they use an electrical scalpel and make the incision shaky and uneven on purpose. This is to make it appear more like how your palm lines are naturally. The skin is burned by the electrical scalpel to have lasting lines. The procedure itself only takes about 15 minutes.

Who is Performing Palm Plastic Surgery?

Since it is a relatively new form of plastic surgery, word of mouth has been the main way people of Japan have found out about the procedure. One clinic handling this type of surgery is the office of surgeon Takaaki Matsuoka, who has performed more than 30 of these procedures. He charges $1,000 to add up to 10 lines on the palm of the hand and guaranteed it will be done in 10-15 minutes. Dr. Matsuoka says it takes about a month to heal completely, since the burns take more time to heal.

Does it Really Work?

Dr. Matsuoka believes in the power of positive thinking and believes these patients believe they can have a better life, so they do. He has seen patients get lucky lines, and soon become lucky because they think they will be lucky. The same can be said for fortune lines; patients believe they will have good fortune, and don’t realize by the power of positive thinking and getting this palm plastic surgery, are suddenly more confident and working harder toward their fortune. That doesn’t mean it isn’t effective, but that there is no telling how the patient will react to their palm lines.

Palm plastic surgery is quite extreme but is gradually becoming more popular in Japan, but has yet to reach other countries.