Facebook’s the New Reason For Many Plastic Surgeries

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The rise in popularity of social networking has caused a surge in people looking to change the way they look. While some social networks were slow to implement photo sharing, Facebook has always been linked to sharing yourself; this means more than status updates. Members share pictures of themselves, use a picture to identify themselves, and can be ‘tagged’ in photos shared by others. The effortless manner in which someone can have their features shared with others has made Facebookers far more aware of how they look..

Mirror Image

Nearly everyone sees themselves in a mirror each day. Even if the reflection is in passing, we’re familiar with how we look, or so most people think. A mirror gives us a reverse image of our features. When a picture is taken, sometimes we have trouble recognizing ourselves. We wonder, “Do I really have such a big nose?” or “Are my boobs too small?”

Facebook images let us see how we appear to everyone else. Sometimes that appearance isn’t quite as flattering as we wish it would be. Thanks to plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures, we can change what we don’t like and present a more flattering picture to the world.

Facebook Facelifts

The rise in plastic surgery procedures stemming from social media has received a nickname: Facebook facelifts. Of course not every procedure includes a facelift. More men and women are finding that they’re not happy with the way their features look when viewed through Facebook photos, or even on other networking sites. At over 600 million users, Facebook has caused the largest wave of surgeries in this phenomenon.

A Facebook Facelift can be any procedure that has the root of a person’s decision linked to the site. Wrinkle Treatments, Dermal Fillers, Botox Treatments, Eye Lifts, Nose Jobs, and even Breast Augmentation are included under this umbrella nickname. On popular surgery has been Chin Augmentation, this procedure saw a 10% rise between 2011 and 2012. Most people cited Facebook pictures as when they noticed they needed or wanted their chin augmented.


Social media has also fueled more hook-ups among members than the old internet based personal ads. People still use dating sites, but Facebook allows a more personal and cost free way to interact with others. When seeking a date people want to look their best, this isn’t something new, just something using a new venue.

If you have decided that you’re not happy with how you look in Facebook photos, you’re not alone. Millions of others have decided to change the way they look, from dieting to facial procedures. Changing your features in a way that helps you feel better about yourself can help your self esteem grow. Feeling good about your looks is worth the effort to make changes, no matter what changes you decide to make. Plastic surgery and cosmetic features are far more affordable today than in the past. Looking great is within reach of almost any budget.