Ways To Keep Off Fat After SmartLipo

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Liposuction has often been hailed as the ultimate way to get rid of fat. Smart Lipo can remove pockets of fat , but it can’t keep it off for you. There are some people that treat Smart Lipo as the answer to obesity, but it isn’t that simple. Weight maintenance after the procedure is important and can help you live a higher quality life. Keeping your new shape is just as important as your initial recovery. Repeated trips and procedures can end up costing a small fortune. While your surgeon may enjoy accepting payment, he or she does not enjoy performing the same procedure on someone that has had it multiple times. Repeated exposure to any medical procedure can be risky.


The most basic thing you can do in order to keep weight off is to become more active. By moving your body you are consistently burning fat and calories. Getting exercise can be as simple as walking to your car from further away in the parking lot, walking up stairs instead of using the elevator, and walking to places instead of driving.

Ways To Keep Off Fat After SmartLipo

Don’t spend your days sitting on the couch if you stay at home. Get out, walk around your neighborhood. Instead of driving, learn about your neighborhood by wandering. You might find a new store you never noticed before.


Diet is the main component to keeping the weight off. Next to exercise, you won’t find anything better than diet changes. Many people enjoy using high protein, low carb diets. These diets help keep fat off by feeding muscles and rejecting the carbs that easily turn to fat. Processed foods are no-nos, but learning to make your own high protein, low carb dishes is not only fun, it makes you feel better.

Some medical issues can be controlled through diet. When changing your diet it is important to talk to your doctor. He or she can help you tailor a diet plan that will help you keep the weight off and possibly lose even more.

Drink Up!

Water is essential to the body and basic functions. Not only can water help you feel better, it can flush out fat. Without enough water to remove waste (like fat), you’ll end up feeling sluggish which can contribute to weight gain by low activity. Water helps your cognitive functions, removes toxins, and will keep you feeling refreshed during workouts.

You can get plenty of water by carrying it with you when you take your walks, when you exercise, and keeping a bottle near you during the day. You can flavor water in multiple ways. One favorite is to slip a slice of lemon in a large container and allow it to get cold in the fridge. Another fun idea is to freeze lemon slices and use them as ice cubes. This can be done with any citrus fruit. You can also crush other fruits in a gallon jar of water, let sit overnight in the fridge, and end up with fruit infused water. Be sure to strain before drinking.