Liposuction Techniques FAQ

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While everyone knows about liposuction’s ability to lean the body and rid it of excess fat tissue, there are plenty of questions whose answers may not be known. Whether you are just playing with the thought of getting liposuction, or if you just have questions prior to your procedure, here are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

How Long is the Procedure?

On average, the liposuction procedure will last between three and seven hours, depending on how many areas are being done and the overall weight and health of the patient. Liposuction times are longer with local anesthesia than with general, simply because of the injection time.

Will There Be Many Incisions and Do They Take a Long Time to Heal?

There can be two to six incisions that are over 1/4 inch long when using a normal cannula and four to over a dozen that are less than 1/8 inch long when using a microcannula. Incisions will close in a week or two, healed within two to four weeks. Over the next year, the incisions will lessen in appearance.


Which of the Liposuction Techniques is the Safest?

Getting a tumescent liposuction with only local anesthesia is probably the safest of the procedures. General anesthesia and IV sedation carry great risks, especially if the patient is sensitive to narcotics and doesn’t react well to anesthesia. If you are curious to the tumescent technique of liposuction, ask your doctor about the specifics and if it is right for your post-surgical goals.

What is the Safety of PAL, or Power-assisted Liposuction?

PAL is a procedure that uses cannulas powered by machines that work in and out of the body quickly or by vibration. While there is much enthusiasm about the technique, there are still many questions about. Talk with your doctor if you are interested in the PAL technique on its safety features and your concerns.

These are only a handful of the questions that many have about liposuction. While the techniques and the procedure have gone through changes throughout the years as it has become more mainstream, there are still many aspects to learn. Whatever part of the body you are looking to have worked on, your doctor will know precisely your best options to get you to your goal appearance. Trust in them and have thorough and open discussions prior to the procedure.