3 Rare Plastic Surgery Procedures

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There are cosmetic procedures out there for almost everything you’d like to change. You can have almost anything that you would like to have done, done. For a price you can change your lips, nose, and even change how your testicles look. Didn’t know about that, did you? Removing the wrinkles from the scrotum is one little known procedure taking Hollywood by storm, but no one can quite say why. It isn’t just adult film stars, people all over Hollywood and the rest of the US are taking advantage of such procedures. You might be surprised to learn about these three procedures.

Fill Up Your Feet

3 wierd cosmetic procedures

Women (and some men) enjoy wearing high heels. Some wear them for work and others wear them because they just like how they look. The problem is that high heels really take a toll on the feet. The ball of the foot can hurt severely when high heels come off. You might think that the best way to fix this problem is to stop wearing heels. At the very least, buy some inserts.

Well, plastic surgery has a fix for that. Instead of buying inserts patients can now have fillers placed in their feet. The filler is injected, much like wrinkle fillers in the face, and is supposed to give more cushioning. This procedure is highly controversial and some say it is ill advised. Some people have reported infections, trouble walking, numbness, and even the inability to walk at all.

Necklace Line

You know that line. It’s a wrinkle in the neck that lets everyone know just how much you have aged. No amount of facelifts in a bottle or actual surgical facelifts can get rid of the necklace line. A newer procedure that uses fillers or Botox. The trick is in placing the injections just right. If an injection is done wrong there can be serious complications such as difficulty swallowing.

The injections can have results that last up to five months. The procedure should only be performed by a doctor that is familiar with the process. It can be paired with a procedure known as the Nefertiti Lift. The lift is accomplished by injecting Botox in the jawline. It gives the impression of a long, graceful neck.

Ankle Lipo

Cankles – everyone that has them hates them. The joke ‘cankles’ comes from the effect that large ankles look as if they run into the calves. Sometimes the fat around the ankles is hereditary. It can be hard to get rid of. That’s where liposuction comes in. The procedure can remove the fat around the ankle and remove the ‘cankle’ look.

There are some complications that can happen. Pain and difficulty walking are the most common. There is typically not a lot of real fat around the ankles and the area is rich in blood vessels. If extreme care and experience is not available, there are long term effects that could affect walking. The process is similar to lipo from other areas and is usually performed during other liposuction procedures.