Top Hot Summer Workouts

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Working out in the hot, summer sun, isn’t the most pleasant experience. Suddenly you aren’t able to go on long runs in the middle of the day anymore, and taking your bike out during your lunch break seems brutal. It is possible to still get a good workout in the summer or when there are extremely hot temperatures, but safety first. Make sure you drink plenty of water, wear light clothing ad be careful what time of day you’re outdoors. Here are the top workouts to participate it in the summer.

Take Walks Late in the Day

Walking outdoors in the summer is fine, but on the hottest days, be careful what time you go out. If you’re accustomed to walking in the daytime, try to go a little later, such as after dinner or even when the sun goes down. Making a habit of walking around your neighborhood lets you enjoy the fresh air but not force your body to move in 90 or 100-degree heat. It is also a fun activity to start doing with your kids every night to burn off dinner and spend some quality time together. Avoid working out during the hottest time of the day, which is 2-4pm.

Yoga in the Morning

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To take advantage of early morning cool periods, start doing yoga or stretching exercises. This has multiple benefits for you. Stretching and yoga is best in the morning because it gets you prepared for your body and allows your mind and body to focus on energizing. Bring your yoga mat outside to enjoy the fresh morning air and get out there before the temperatures start rising.

Go Swimming

One of the best exercises during the hot summer is swimming. Whether you’re body surfing or diving waves in the ocean or visit a nearby community swimming pool, swimming provides you with an excellent way to cool off and get a great workout. To ensure a good workout, choose a time of day that allows you free reign of the pool, instead of just paddling around. Many fitness centers have swimming pools and swimming aerobics classes. This is a great way to get in a structured workout in the pool.

Go to the Gym

This may seem obvious, but it is worth mentioning. Go to the gym. Your gym is air conditioned and allows you to use exercise equipment for an excellent workout, without becoming overheated. If you don’t have a gym membership, try a guest pass from a friend who goes to that gym. Same the passes for the hottest days when exercising outdoors isn’t an option.

Indoor Sports

Finally, if you like your workouts to be competitive or involve sports, this is another option. Try finding an indoor court for tennis, racquetball or squash. Many country clubs and fitness centers offer indoor courts for these types of sports.

Working out in the summer is very possible, but you should keep your health in check. If it’s nearing the 90s, avoid excessive workouts. Make sure to always hydrate with plenty of water and prepare ahead of time when going on hikes or excursions in the heat.