The Best Cosmetic Procedures for the Fall

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After the sun-riddled days of summer, we start approaching Fall with a yearn to stay looking fresh and fun. Toning and tightening up our bodies is one such way to stay young-looking and have a better outlook on life. Looking as good on the outside as you feel inside can mean the difference between a fabulous self-esteem and a so-so one. With some of these procedures, you may be pleasantly surprised with how you feel afterwards.

Cosmetic Surgery Options for Fall

Facelift — The facelift can be done to have a burst of new collagen growth in the facial area as well as lift the face to take care of sagging and loose skin. By small incisions around the hairline and back of the ears, you can achieve a more youthful look to your face with less risks than older techniques.

Tummy Tucks — The tummy tuck helps tighten and tone up the stomach area and gets rid of the fat cells that have become stubborn. A tummy tuck can help you fit into a smaller size by ridding the body of accumulated fat that is around the middle, the “spare tire” if you will.

Non-invasive Options for Fall

Perlane — If you are looking to fill in some moderate to severe lines around the nose area, Perlane is your filler. It is made with stabilized hyaluronic acid gel particles and is different from Restalyne in that it fills in deeper wrinkles because of the larger particles.

Dermabrasion — To remove the top layer of skin and soften up any facial irregularities like scars and fine wrinkles, dermabrasion is for you. These are lasting effects, however keep in mind that new wrinkles and age spots may occur as you age.

Juvederm Ultra — Hyaluronic acid gel is inserted to the skin to help smooth folds and wrinkles. This is another good dermal filler, just not for the deep wrinkles that are better suited for Perlane.

Radiesse — Another good dermal filler, this is made with a synthetic filler and not hyaluronic acid gel. This filler can be done in the office and there is no allergy test required, much like the hyaluronic acid gel fillers. It is good for acne scars, smile lines, and frown lines.

Any of these treatments will give you a lift and a revitalized refreshed look. Whether you choose to go with the more permanent procedures of surgery or have a quick pick-me-up with the non-invasive options, you are assured to have a Fall that gets you looking happy and awake throughout the winter.