3 of the Newest Cosmetic Surgery Trends

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Cosmetic surgery has come a long way, and continues to change at a rapid pace. It isn’t necessarily new technology being developed, though that is part of it. The trends of cosmetic surgery tend to be on whatever the current “look” is. Recently, it was improving your facial structure to take better social media pictures, such as for Facebook. Adding lines in the palm of your hand was even a trend. But most recently, three more cosmetic surgery trends have hit the news, including reducing the size of your nipple, new styles of Rhinoplasty and getting baggy eyes on purpose.

Nipple Reduction Surgery

The first new cosmetic surgery trend is called nipple reduction surgery, and it is exactly how it sounds. Women feel self conscious about the size of their nipples and areolas, and having an elective surgery to reduce them. It is actually a reduction of the areola, or a re-shaping of the areolas so they are rounded and even on both sides. The woman’s areola may be misshapen, too large, too wide, raised too much or have uneven colors. This surgery helps to correct these problems. Nipple reduction surgery is done by first removing the area around the outer areola and reducing that area, as well as tightening the area. Several women in the UK have already begun getting this procedure in an attempt to reduce their large areolas. Areolas are sometimes large due to genetics, but others are caused by weight gain and breast feeding. It should also be known that the surgery does not pose risks for future breast feeding and doesn’t reduce feeling in the area.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty isn’t a new procedure by any means, as the main procedure that improves the look, shape and bone structure of the nose. It is one of the most common nose procedures, but also has a tendency to take away from the patient’s natural look. This is why Dr. Kevin Savati of Orange County, California, has developed a way to keep the patient’s natural facial structure; he calls it an Ethnic Rhinoplasty. This lets patients get the note they want, but not lose the look of their heritage. Patients come to Dr. Sadati from all different ethnic groups, in an effort to get a nose as similar to their heritage as possible. He looks at their natural heritage and finds a way to do a rhinoplasty without taking away from their ethnicity. He has worked with Caucasians, native Americans, middle eastern individuals, Hispanics and Mediterranean individuals.

Korean Eye Bag Surgery

The last trend in cosmetic surgery is a surgery that actually gives you eye bags, instead of taking them away. Most women are spending hundreds of dollars on beauty products to reduce and minimize the dark, puffy pouches underneath the eye. But in Korea, it is a new trend to have these put in cosmetically. They call it an Aegyo sal, or eye smile. Patients of this surgery feel that the eye bags and dark circles are attractive and make you look younger, while making your eyes pop. This procedure is done by putting fatty deposits in this area.

Cosmetic surgery continues to be a growing trend on its own, with new procedures being introduced constantly. Some are brand new procedures, while others are simply new techniques being used.