Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures For Men

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Hey guys, want a even a chiseled set of abs or a full head of hair or chest hair? Even if you’ve tried your best and can’t get all of or even one of those manly aspects, plastic surgery can help. Plastic surgery procedures have long been portrayed as the domain of women. This isn’t true, though many men still shying away from plastic surgery, believing it to be true. Thanks to such surgery men can now gain all of the manly traits they crave.

Male Plastic Surgery

Calf Implants

Big, muscular calves are not only sexy, they’re the envy of men that can’t seem to develop them through regular workout routines. While not every man wants muscular calves, the guys who do and can’t build them can take heart. Calf implants are placed into the calves to create that muscular look.

Pec Implants

Much like calf implants, pectoral implants can give a man the bodybuilder look. Not every man can build these muscles to large proportions. While some joke and call these male breast implants, don’t let the nickname deter you. Pectoral implants aren’t going to give you the need to buy a bra or talk in a high voice.

Voice Deepening

Speaking of voices, men that have voices higher than they want can have their voices deepened. What happens is that a surgeon injects fat into the voice box in a procedure called a fat injection thyroplasty. This is very handy for men that may have missed the deeper voice that came during puberty. We take it for granted that all men experience puberty and emerge with a deep voice. This isn’t always true and this procedure can help.

Hair Implants

Hair implants aren’t just for men with thinning hair. Men can have implants places in other areas where they want more hair, this includes head, mustache, beard, and chest. This is a benefit for men that have been trying to grow a full head of hair and can’t. This can seem trivial to others, but when a man starts to bald and have thinning hair it can have serious self esteem effects when a man doubts his masculinity. We all know that appearances aren’t everything, though self image can be boosted with this procedure if it is desired.

Abdominal Etching

Sometimes, no matter how hard a man works out, he can’t get the legendary six-pack. The media portrays this as the ultimate sexy body – sculpted abs on a well muscled male. Men that are in good physical condition, yet can’t reach their chiseled ab goal can undergo a procedure called abdominal etching. The abdominal muscles are well defined after this procedure. As with any plastic surgery there will be a recovery time which could give the patient an edge on people wondering ‘how did he do that?’

Before choosing any procedure, consult with your doctor or surgeon. Not every surgery is right for all men, just as one size doesn’t always fit all. Body types are different and every man will respond to surgery in their own way.