The Newest Body Sculpting Procedure Is Here: Sciton BBL

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The Sciton BroadBand Light (BBL) is a brand new piece of medical technology that is being used for plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. In time, it will be the go-to choice for body sculpting and reducing fat. In order to understand how effective the Sciton BBL can really be, you really have to understand the exact science behind it.

How it Works

The main science behind Sciton BBL is the advanced lamp technology that uses a dual-lamp system. Since each of these lamps puts out half the energy that is needed, the lamp’s lifetime are extended, providing a more stable alternative. It also includes interchangeable smart filters and a cooling system provided by thermoelectric technology. The smart filters let you change the wavelengths of the Sciton BBL based on what is being performed, like melting away fat or helping remove hair from the face. The base of the system comes from the JOULE platform.

sction bbl - new cosmetic surgery

Treatments Provided by Sciton BBL

Now for the fun part: the treatments it provides. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved it to be used in several different ways, including:

  • Reducing or removing hair
  • Inflammatory acne vulgaris
  • Pigmented and cutaneous legions

Different Wavelengths

There are different conditions that the Sciton BBL can help treat, multiple wavelengths are used by this technology. They include the following:

  • 420 – Reduce acne
  • 515 – Freckles and age spots
  • 560 – Vascular legions, including rosacea
  • 590 – Deeper lesions
  • 590, 640, 694 – Hair removal

Facts About Sciton BBL

There are also some facts it helps to know about the Sciton BBL. For one thing, a large area can be done at a time, around 15mm x 45mm. It is also comfortable for the patient to use with a calming experience. The cooling options are adjustable, as well as the smart filters, both of which can change back and forth easily. There are also adapters for it that allow the physician to treat a smaller area.

Sciton BBL technology is already being used by many doctors and cosmetic surgeons, who should be able to provide you with exactly what they can treat, how long it takes, the cost, and even before and after pictures. This is going to become the popular way for removing hair, helping with skin conditions, minimizing freckles and soon for reducing fat. Get a consultation with your doctor today to learn more about the Sciton BBL system.