Check Out The Newest Dermal Fillers For You

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One of the most popular cosmetic procedures to improve the look and appearance of many people right now is the dermal filler. Dermal fillers are done through injections of the skin, most particularly in the face and sometimes the neck. They can help provide more volume in the skin, smooth lines and wrinkles and provide a more youthful, natural look to the face. As they become more popular, new types of dermal fillers are introduced, such as these listed below.

Check Out The Newest Dermal Fillers For You - Cosmetic Treatments


The first new dermal filler available from your cosmetic surgeon is Boletero. This is specifically for the lips and is injected into the small roll of skin that surrounds your outer lips on the bottom and top. What this does is remove any vertical lines you have (including laugh lines) and gives your lips a fuller look. It is superior to other dermal fillers for the lips because Boletero doesn’t have the reputation of making them look too full and fake, which some other injectable fillers have the tendency to do so.


You can also choose to get the Voluma dermal filler which helps reshape your jaw and cheekbones. It is known as a scalpel-free procedure as it provides more definition to your face simply with the injection. This dermal filler is injected beneath the muscle layers of your skin and can give you better defined cheekbones and stronger jaw lines.


The newest dermal filler is called Lipo-192. In fact, this is so new that it is not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Lipo-192 is for stubborn belly fat in individuals that are average weight, which is similar for most types of liposuction. But this doesn’t suck the fat out, it melts it. This is why it is known as a filler and not liposuction. A very small needed is used with medicine to inject in the abdomen, which melts the fat away.

Keep in mind many dermal fillers work in conjunction with each other, so if you want more of a total facial makeover done, ask your surgeon if there are dermal fillers to use on different areas of your face. For example, you might want more defined cheekbones, fuller lips, and to smooth the lines and wrinkles from your face. See if there are one or multiple dermal fillers to accomplish this.