What You Need to Know About the Venus Freeze Method

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Venus Freeze is a new procedure that allows people to tone their body and finally get rid of stubborn fat. Before you start a new procedure such as this one, it helps to have all the information beforehand. Here are some things you should know about the Venus Freeze Method.

Where to Get Venus Freeze Performed

Anywhere on the body can be treated by the Venus Freeze method, but some areas are better for the method. This includes the abdomen, buttocks, face, arms, thighs and neck. Speak to your doctor if other areas of the body have stubborn fat and you are wondering the effectiveness of those areas.

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The Results and Success Rates

It takes more than one treatment to begin seeing results. While some patients need 6-10 treatments to see results, others have success with as little as three treatments. After one treatment, wait at least one week before returning for the next, for each area of your body you get the Venus Freeze method performed. The results typically include lack of cellulite, tighter skin and softening of the wrinkles.

Safety of Venus Freeze

As your doctor will attest to, there are minimal side effects as this is a very safe and proven treatment. Speak to your doctor about any side effects you should be aware of.

The Procedure

For the Venus Freeze procedure, you will lie down and a gel will be added to the area of your body it is being performed. An applicator will move along the skin’s surface that activates the gels, making it feel warm to the skin. It usually takes about an hour to complete.

After the Procedure

After you get the Venus Freeze method, there will be no downtime and no pain involved. You will start seeing natural-looking results quickly, usually after a few treatments. You may experience some warmness to your skin, as opposed to cool sensations that you would think you feel. You may also have some pinkness to your skin, but this is temporary and lasts about an hour.

In order to maintain your desired results, continue getting a rotation of treatment sessions done as you and your doctor see fit. Some patients continue going monthly, while others wait a little longer. Ask your doctor about the Venus Freeze method and if he or she thinks it would be a good fit for your stubborn fat and to tone certain areas of your body.