Smart Lipo Post Pregnancy

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Gaining those extra pounds is something that almost everyone fears; people do everything in their power to prevent fat from ruining their fit, trim, body shape. However, there are times when you get that extra fat through no fault of your own and to make it worse, there is nothing you can do about it. For women, this happens after having a baby. Pregnancy and delivery result in something that is commonly termed as “baby fat”, which means the fat that accumulates around your lower abdomen after you give birth, making your skin look lose and flabby.

Why exercise is not always the answer?

After giving birth, every woman wants to get back to her pre-baby body shape; there are many things you are asked to do to lose your baby fat. Most common solution prescribed is exercise, but it is not easy to commit to a rigorous exercise routine when you have a baby to look after. Your body also needs time to muster up the amount of energy needed to commit to these tough routines.

There is a way out:

Ever wonder how all these beautiful celebrities take absolutely no time to get back into their extraordinary body shape after having a baby? The answer is simple; most of them opt for an effective and easier method of losing baby fat – Smart Liposuction. It is a procedure that is nothing short of a blessing for the new moms who want to look beautiful and sexy again in no time.

This article will explain to you what exactly smart liposuction is and why is it the ideal way to remove your post pregnancy fat.

 smartlipo post pregnancy

How will it help you lose your baby fat?

The procedure is done by injecting local anesthesia into your body to numb your area; after this the surgeon makes a small incision of about 1 to 2 millimeters in your skin for passing a very small tube called canola into your body just under your skin’s surface. This thin tube has a laser fiber that melts your extra fat that helps your body excrete fatty oil through your liver.

Women who go through a C-section are advised to wait at least 6 months before getting the procedure; moreover you can only opt for it if you are in perfect health after giving birth. The time after normal delivery varies

Why opt for Smart Liposuction after birth?

The answer is simple; giving birth is not an easy thing to do and if you go for a regular surgical liposuction, you are in for even more pain and a longer recovery time. This is where smart liposuction has proven to be a blessing; here are a few very important reasons for opting for smart liposuction;

  • This procedure not only gives you an almost pain free recovery period, but also starts to show results fairly quickly
  • The procedure will not harm you or your body hormones; therefore, it is extremely safe for you to get the procedure done even if you want to get pregnant again
  • Because of the tiny incisions you don’t get any visible scars on your skin
  • The laser makes it possible for the doctors to see what they are doing; therefore, it is not a trial and error method

How to get maximum results through Smart Liposuction?

As mentioned before, you will start seeing results soon after the procedure. A noticeable difference can be seen in your lower abdomen area almost right after the procedure and with a good and healthy diet plan you can get your pre-baby body shape back within 6 months.

Remember, the effectiveness of smart liposuction depends on the ability of your surgeon as well. To reduce any health risks and enjoy best results you must consult only the expert and experienced surgeons for smart liposuction.