Basketball Wives Tami Roman Gets Smart lipo Procedure

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We all know that millions of young teenagers and even the older generation are struggling with obesity and eating disorders, which can result in accumulation of extra and unwanted fat in your body. This, if left unnoticed, can develop into something serious and lead to life threatening health problems and diseases. But as we know that medical science is advancing day and night to help people lead a better life by introducing techniques and procedures to resolve all health issues. One such method is Smart Liposuction – a blessing for those who are fighting against the stubborn extra fat of their body.

You will come across many heartwarming stories of thousands of people who put their faith in smart liposuction to get rid of their body fat and enjoy a better quality of life – a life they can be proud of. One such, somewhat, popular fairytale is of Tami Roman – a reality TV star of second season of Basketball Wives who had her procedure done on national TV.

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Tami’s story

Tami, now 40 and a mother of two had a difficult time during her teenage period. She was a victim of eating disorder that made her struggle with her weight; it made her extremely conscious of her body image. Tami was not the one to sit quietly, she did everything she could; from exercise to weight loss supplements and planned diet, there was nothing Tami did not try. But she felt she could never get into shape – the extra inches never came off.  The former beauty queen went as far as getting her mouth wired shut in order to stop her intake of solid foods.

Even after every effort failed, Tami did not give up; she eventually, decided to go for a surgical procedure to shed that extra fat off. However, Tami wasn’t going to go for just any other procedure, she wanted to make sure that she opted for a surgical treatment that was safe and did not give her life-long side effects. With this in mind Tami started her research. As a perfectionist Tami looked into different procedures and reviewed a list of many doctors who were considered the best in their field.

With the goal to find the safest option, Tami found out about Smartlipo.

What is Smartlipo

SmartLipo is a technologically advanced laser technique that is less invasive and requires extremely small incisions and local anesthesia. The 1 to 2 millimeter incisions are made into the skin to insert a tiny tube into the body just under the surface of the skin. The tube has a calibrated laser that breaks down the fat cells and turns them into liquid or oil that is removed from the body. The procedure results in almost no blood loss, extremely less post-procedure swelling and almost no scarring. The recovery time is short and does not pose any serious side effects or complications.

Tami’s Results

Tami has written in her blog that she is satisfied with the results the procedure produced. She claims that her thighs are visibility leaner by a few inches. However, she says that to stay in this shape she has started following a balanced diet and a light workout routine. She says that her overall look improved and there are no visible scars or other post-procedure complications. Tami says that her recovery time was extremely easy and allowed her to get back to work on the 3rd day of her procedure.

She says that the incisions did not require any stitches and were so small that they easily healed by themselves.

Tami recommends the procedure to those who are looking to start a new life and are ready to make a change.