How Smart Lipo is More Cost Effective than Traditional Lipo?

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What is Liposuction and why should you do it?

Liposuction is important to remove unwanted excessive fat from your body through a surgical procedure, which involves an incision made in your skin for a surgical instrument called cannula to enter your body and remove the extra fat.

We all know that extra fat can result in various types of health issues that can lead to life threatening conditions; therefore, liposuction is an effective way of removing that fat; it not only improves your health, but also improves your quality of life.


Types of Liposuction:

Traditional Liposuction

These are usually performed by plastic surgeons and involve a full-fledged surgical procedure under general anesthesia. The traditional procedure involves a bigger incision for taking fat out through suction. This causes post-op scars and swelling. The recovery period is long and painful, which will require you to be on pain medication.

Smart Liposuction

Unlike the traditional liposuction, Smartlipo uses laser to get rid of your unwanted fat. With Smartlipo your incisions are small to the point of invisibility. This procedure is less invasive and performed under local anesthesia; it involves laser technique to break your fatty deposits and “melt” them. Smartlip does not leave any visible scarring. The recovery time only takes 2 to 3 days depending on how well your body copes with the treatment.

Smartlipo or Traditional Liposuction, which is more cost effective?

The overall cost of both procedures depends on a number of factors, which involves your pre and post procedure periods as well. The best way to figure out which procedure is more expansive is to compare the costs involved in both types of liposuction. The overall cost along with other factors, such as benefits of each type of liposuction will help you make your choice easily.

The Cost of Smartlipo Procedure Itself

The first thing you need to find out while comparing the cost of the two is the fact that how much does the procedure itself cost? Both procedures will generally cost you somewhere between the range of $1500-$7500, depending on the body part that needs to be treated. This amount can also depend on your surgeon’s fee and the type of medical facility you go to. It will also go slightly up if an anesthesiologist is required; since for most of your body parts you need general anesthesia in the traditional type; therefore, the cost of this procedure becomes slightly higher as compared to Smartlipo.

Moreover, most of the body parts cost far less when treated with smart liposuction as compared to the traditional type.

Post-op Recovery Cost

  • Cost of being hospitalized

The cost of the two procedures also varies due to their post procedure recovery. After the traditional procedure you need to stay in the hospital for a few days, which means increased medical expenses of retaining the medical bed and getting post-op medical attention. Whereas, your overall recovery time after Smartlipo is 2 to 3 days, which means you do not have to stay in the hospital for long; most patients are sent home as soon as the affect of local anesthesia wears off.

  • Post-procedure medication

The traditional type also requires you to go on antibiotics and other pain medication, which can add up to your total cost. In comparison Smartlipo, being a less invasive procedure requires minimum post procedure medication, thus reducing cost even more.

  • Cost of other cosmetic procedures

You might also have to spend on other small cosmetic procedures, such as skin tightening and scar removal after the traditional liposuction. Smartlipo on the other hand will save you from these expenses; Smartlipo not only removes the extra fat, but can also help tighten your skin around the treated area. Since there are no visible scars after the treatment, so you don’t have to worry about paying for any cosmetic procedure.

The overall cost of Smartlipo is mostly less as compared to the traditional type. Smartlipo also gives quick results, which can be achieved by following a simple diet plan and light workout.