Rhinoplasty On the Rise Thanks to Kate Middleton Popularity

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The New York Daily News reported earlier this year that due to the increase in popularity of Kate Middleton, there is now a surge of rhinoplasty –or nose jobs– being done, especially in New York. However, it is not just in the United States, but England as well. It was the most requested nose in 2012 in Britain, according to the Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group. It has also made rhinoplasty procedure stats triple in 2011 according to the Daily Mail.

Kate Middleton Causes Rhinoplasty Craze

Possible Alterations Needed:

However, just coveting the nose of Kate Middleton may not be as simple as you’d think. Just getting a nose job to have yours shaped like hers may not be enough. There may need to be additional procedures done so that the nose “fits” the face of the person wanting it. Those with a face shape much different than Kate’s may find that her nose overpowers their face, or directly the opposite and the nose seems too small. It is important to get a facial preview of how the nose will set on your face and discuss any additional alterations that may need to be completed.

Additional Procedures:

You may need to have your chin, brows, and other facial features touched up when you get the nose done as well. While if the nose fits your face correctly that will be the only procedure you’ll need, if it doesn’t do well on your face you may need to have the brows reset so that they compliment the nose and have the chin repositioned or reshaped. Your doctor will let you know if he feels that you will need to have additional places touched up after the nose job is completed.

Rhinoplasty Decisions:

After the decision is made to have a nose like Kate Middleton’s, the procedure is booked and financial arrangements made. When everything is a go, your surgeon will do a pre-operation consultation and then you will be headed in to the procedure. There will be some downtime and recovery from the surgery as with any procedure. Make sure you make alternative arrangements for driving and for work.

Recovery for Rhinoplasty Patients:

The recovery time from a rhinoplasty is varied. Typically, you will be able to go to work in about ten to fourteen days from the procedure date. Side effects from the procedure will include nasal congestion, swelling, and some bruising. The length of time that the bruising will last is a bit longer than the congestion. You may feel self-conscious about the bruising. Swelling takes about two weeks before it subsides, with 80 percent of it gone at the four-week mark.

Rhinoplasty is a complex procedure that a skilled surgeon can do well with minimal swelling and complications. If you have any questions or concerns about getting the procedure, or if you’d just like to know if getting a Kate Middleton nose is right for you, then talk with your doctor. He may be able to recreate how it will be on computer software so that you can see precisely what it will look like after completion.