Put Your Best Foot Forward, Cosmetic Surgery Options for Your Feet

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Cosmetic surgery is constantly changing, whether it is using newer technology to offer less invasive procedures, or introduce new trends in cosmetic surgery altogether. The newest trend seems to be in footplasties, which are cosmetic surgeries performed on the foot. These range from reducing the length of certain toes, performing liposuction on toes, or even removing toes altogether in some cases. Here is a look at the different cosmetic surgery options for feet.

Foot Liposuction:

You may not believe so, but many men and women are getting liposuction in their feet and toes. They think their toes are a little too chunky and are getting the excess fat removed from this region. It is less common in the foot itself, but that also happens for some people who prefer the bony foot look. It is also helping women fit their toes into stiletto shoes with a narrow shape.

Foot Cosmetic Procedures - Foot Lipo, Feet Botox

Laser Treatments:

Laser treatments seem to be used on nearly every body part these days, including the feet and toes. There are multiple reasons someone might get laser treatment on their foot, ranging from removing the hair on the top of the foot and toes, to getting rid of foot fungus they can’t remove any other way. This is the least invasive, most affordable and easiest to recover among all the foot cosmetic surgery procedures.

Loub Job:

Funny as this sounds, it is an actual cosmetic procedure on the foot. This is one of the more invasive procedures that is considered extreme in some cases. The loub job is named after Christian Louboutin shoes, which are notoriously narrow and hard for many women to wear as it becomes uncomfortable. So they are getting injections in their feet of fat and fillers that cushion the foot so they can wear the shoes.

Botox Injections:

Botox injections are also done on the feet, and not just for the face anymore. Women are mostly getting the botox injections in their fit to fix their hammer toes. A hammer toe is where the middle joint of the toes bend too much. This is not only unattractive to some women, but they find it uncomfortable for some types of shoes. Botox injections are also used to reduce the sweating and odor of feet.

Toe Tuck, Slimming and Shortening:

These three types of foot cosmetic surgeries are the most extreme, aside from having a toe removed entirely to be able to fit into the slimmest heels. A toe tuck is done to slim out the pinky toe so that the woman can wear pointy toe heels more easily. A toe slimming procedure removes fat from the tips of the toes, similar to a liposuction procedure. And the toe shortening procedure is to reduce the length of the second toe for certain people who have a longer second toe than the “big” toe.

While these are options for men and women to get the feet they want and wear heels they enjoy, some doctors find them too extreme and will not perform them.