LipoLite The New Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Procedure

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Another new and innovative liposuction procedure is called the LipoLite. This involves laser liposuction technology and works to help sculpt and tone the body. If you are looking into newer ways to control your excess fat that diet and exercise aren’t reaching, this may work for you.

Who Can Benefit

There are those that make for ideal candidates for the LipoLite procedure. They are in good health and are using the liposuction to target stubborn fat areas and lean the body, not those who are looking for weight loss. Liposuction is not a means for weight loss, rather than a toning of the body and removal of pockets of fat. LipoLite is great for those wanting body contouring, those that need lipo on areas that do not work well with traditional lipo methods, and those that may have problems with sedation and anesthesia.

How it Works

This laser liposuction technique uses a 1064 nm wavelength. Using this lower wavelength makes for a very minimally invasive cosmetic procedure. There is a fiber optic laser encased in a cannula that will help break up fat tissues. This wavelength will melt fat and help areas that are beneath the skin be free of fat cells and tissues.


Technology Behind It

Low energy pulses or high energy pulses can be used together or separately to give a more controlled means to get rid of the fat tissues. This is great for those especially fibrous areas of the body. Some of the body that was formerly resistant to the liposuction method can now be done with this new technology with great results. The LipoLite procedure gives the doctor a way of controlling more of the liposuction technique and remove fat for the best results, making you closer to having your goal body.

How Long it Takes

Since this is usually an outpatient procedure, the LipoLite technique takes about half an hour to an hour for each section that is being done. It has a very small incision and takes less time to recover from since there is no general anesthesia given.

Where it Typically is Used

Most people get the LipoLite procedure on their thighs, neck, belly, face, bra line and chest (if male). It is sometimes used after other liposuction techniques as a “finishing work” since it has use in small areas and for fine definition.

If you have questions concerning the new LipoLite technique, your doctor will have all your answers. There may be extenuating circumstances which makes you not be a candidate for it that only your doctor would know. Always discuss your liposuction goals with him/her and let them guide you to the best possible outcome.