Latest Trends in Women’s Liposuction

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Are you in a hurry? Need to get rid of wanted fat and have lipo done quickly or want to shave off a few bulges that bother you? Perhaps you’re sick and tired of having ‘side boobs’ and really want to sculpt your body into a shape that makes you feel better. Liposuction has a few new hot trends that are making people sit up and take notice. These new procedures won’t set you back a ton, either.

Liposuction Trends - Cosmetic Surgery

Lunchtime Lipo

Don’t let the cute name fool you, this is a seriously hot procedure. Lunchtime lipo is the nickname for laser liposuction. The procedure is fast – often one session can be completed in about an hour. This is why the nickname ‘lunchtime lipo’ was used, people could literally have a session during their lunch hour.

Laser lipo is also called smart lipo. Where traditional liposuction uses a hollow tube to suction the fat from the body, laser lipo uses lasers. The lasers melt the fat and a hollow tube, smaller than conventional liposuction tubes, remove the melted fat. Since smaller instruments are used scarring is minimal as is any tissue damage. Smart lipo can be used on small areas of the body which has made it popular for targeting stubborn areas like the upper arms, thighs, and even the back.

Breast Liposuction

Many women that previously avoiding breast reduction surgery due to pain or scarring are choosing liposuction. Using liposuction to remove the breast fat leaves no large scar as with reduction surgery. Some women may choose to have a lift done after the surgery while others may not. Laser lipo can work in this area as it tightens the skin.

Ultrasonic Liposuction

This procedure is similar to laser lipo. It does not use lasers to melt the fat, instead ultrasonic lipo uses ultrasonic waves to break up the fat. The fat is then suctioned from the body with a small tube which is exactly the same as with laser lipo. It can be used in the same areas and is painless compared to the other procedures. The only pain is from the incision where the tiny tube is inserted and there is often no visible scarring at all. Some people have said there is a longer recovery time. Ultrasonic lipo is not as popular as other methods as it can be more expensive and lasers are absorbed by fat better.


This new procedure has turned the heads of celebrities, supermodels, and everyday citizens. The procedure is also known as cryo-lipo. What happens with this procedure is a strong vacuum probe is placed on the target area. When the machine begins to work the patient first feels the suction, a warming, then a rapid cooling of the target area. The warming separates blood and fat, the cooling crystallizes the fat cells which die. Without any invasive probes, the fat is removed from the body permanently.

There are new forms of liposuction that are becoming less invasive. Already today we are experiencing much safer procedures for fat removal than when liposuction began to gain popularity (in the 1980s). As science moves forward even faster and safer methods will be created.