Are You a Candidate for a Butt Lift?

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Many women wonder if they may be a good candidate for a butt lift. This body sculpting procedure adds curves to the buttocks and the hips. Often called a Brazilian Butt Lift, this isn’t really a ‘lift’, the procedure is a fat transfer. If you want to add shape to your behind, hips, and thighs you may want to have a fat transfer or butt lift. If you’re just interested in removing fat to enhance your behind, liposuction may be the right choice for you.  When thinking about the type of procedure you want you must take in consideration how your new butt will be shaped.

Brazilian Butt Lift - Cosmetic Surgery

How Is The Procedure Performed

If you have enough fat the doctor will use liposuction to remove the fat from different parts of your body. The fat is then cleaned and injected into the buttocks. This fat can be removed from the abdomen, thighs, hips, or even the back area. This gives those getting a butt lift an added advantage of slimming from areas where fat can be stubborn.

What If I don’t Have Enough Fat?

Patients that do not have enough body fat will be asked to gain weight before they can proceed. While it might sound counter-productive to put on more pounds, the natural fat your body makes increases the safety of the procedure. Fat may be absorbed, but since the fat is your own it will not be rejected. The amount of weight you need to gain will depend on how much of a lift you want or need. Some doctors recommend at least fifteen to twenty pounds of new fat.

What Do I need To Do?

There isn’t a lot that you will need to do before your butt lift. If you smoke you will need to stop smoking before the surgery and for some time after. Smoking can slow down healing and constrict blood vessels. Blood thinners can cause problems with any surgery. If you are on blood thinners you may need to rethink your decision to have a butt lift or speak with your doctor about how a blood thinner could impact such surgery.

How Long Is Recovery? Will I Be Out of Work?

Many surgeons will allow you to go home the same day. Your new shape might seem larger than you anticipated for a few weeks to a few months. It will take about two to three months before your body adjusts to the new shape. Most doctors ask that you take up to a week off from work, but you shouldn’t avoid some mild activity. This activity helps your behind heal and adjust. Sitting will be uncomfortable until your swelling goes down which shouldn’t be too long.

Butt lifts are generally considered a safe procedure with very little side effects. This is due to the use of a patients own body products (fat) in the procedure. Fat transfer has fewer complications than implant when performed by a experienced, qualified surgeon.