Top Fall Cosmetic Procedures for Men

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Contrary to popular belief, cosmetic procedures for men are more popular than ever. There are procedures that are designed specifically for the cosmetic concerns men face. Some are similar to those women undergo, though with some differences.  Some of the hottest procedures for men are those that deal with looking good ‘Down Under’.  Not every surgery will deal with this area, so let’s start at the top and work our way to the bottom.

Jaw Enhancement

Men around the nation have decided to enhance their jawline. What’s hot for fall is a strong, square jawline. Weak chins are out – men want to look as if they have a chiseled face and physique. Advances in the procedure have lessened the time that it takes to recover. Skin tightening can be done with lasers, though more in depth enhancement will be done traditionally. Smaller tools have reduced scarring.

 fall male cosmetic surgery

Face Lifts

This procedure is exactly the same as for women. Face lifts are done in different ways, some are performed with lasers, others in just a few spots, and others may tighten the entire upper area of the face. Care must be taken to avoid over-tightening as the results can end up very fake looking.

Pectoral Implants

There are men that work out often yet can’t seem to build their pectoral muscles up enough to suit their tastes. The physique can be enhanced by using implants. These implants are similar to other chest enhancement implants, though for men they are larger and flatter in order to give a smooth, sexy appearance. A larger chest with a strong appearance can also lift self esteem.

Penile Lengthening or Widening

This is an embarrassing subject for many men. However, plastic surgeons and their staff approach such concerns with care. Men that wish to add length or girth can now do so without fear. The procedure can be uncomfortable, but not nearly as much as in the past. The procedure can add more confidence for men that have been depressed about their length or girth. Unlike creams or potentially damaging ‘exercises’, the surgery has real, lasting results that most people will never be able to detect. Since the results are real, more men are turning to this procedure and it has become one of the hottest in the industry.

Scrotum Enhancement

The scrotum is subject to gravity and age. While not often exposed to the sun, the skin on the scrotum can become sagging, wrinkly, and even discolored. Tightening of this skin can improve the fit of underwear, pants, and eliminate chafing of the thighs. Many male celebrities are having this procedure and most are very happy with the results. One major star, George Clooney, has had the procedure and claimed it was easy, cost effective, and ‘all the male stars in HollyWood are doing it.”

Calf Implants

As with pectoral implants, it is a fact that many men are unable to build the type of calf muscles they really want. Implants can help this. The implants are placed in the calves and give the appearance of strong, sleek muscles. Anyone can ‘pump up’ their calf muscles through implants, though it is recommended for men that do not have a large amount of fat on their legs.