How to Prepare for your Plastic Surgery Procedure

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Plastic surgery procedures are common place, but like any other surgical procedure you should take some precautions. Every surgeon has their own list of things their patients should do and usually offer a brochure or guide. Most of these guides include specific steps for your procedure. General actions can be taken by everyone that is preparing for surgery.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is bad for us, we all know that. It is especially bad for people that plan to have plastic surgery. Smoking affects the healing process. The way smoking does this is by constricting blood flow to tissues. When blood cannot flow properly, healing of wounds can be slow. If wounds do not heal properly this can lead to infection and increased scarring. Smoking should not be resumed after surgery for several weeks or until your doctor gives you permission. For many this can be considered an opportunity to quit smoking for good.


Getting enough exercise before your surgery can help you lose some fat, tone your muscle, help increase your skin elasticity, and increase the proper blood flow to your tissues. You’ll  feel better and people that exercise generally heal faster than those that are sedentary.

exercise before plastic surgery

No Drinking

Alcohol consumption increases bleeding. Your surgeon will probably recommend that you stop drinking any alcohol for two to three weeks before your procedure. Drinking can increase the chance of infection and severe bleeding during or after the procedure.

Eat Properly

A well balanced diet is essential for health. A healthy body will increase your chances of having great results in your surgery. Proper nutrition will help the cells in your body become healthy enough to regenerate during the healing process. Your wounds will heal faster and scarring could be reduced.

Avoid Blood thinners

If possible, avoid using medication or herbs that will thin your blood. If you are on a blood thinner for health reasons, ask your surgeon about alternatives or how it can affect your healing. You may not be a good candidate for plastic surgery if you cannot avoid blood thinners.

Over the counter medication like aspirin can usually be avoided if you take it on an as needed basis. Garlic is a supplement used by millions, it also has blood thinning effects. Do not take blood thinning medications at least two weeks before and after surgery.

Iron Supplements

Some surgeons recommend that their liposuction patients use an iron supplement for a week or so before the procedure. When fat is removed from the body some blood will inevitably be removed along with it. Taking an iron supplement can help avoid anemia from blood loss.

Compression Garments

Some surgeons provide these garments for certain procedures while others do not. Your surgeon will let you know where you can buy such a garment if they do not provide it. You should have one of these before going in for surgery so that you can wear it right away. For patients that are having liposuction in the trunk of the body, these garments can help skin conform to the new body shape.