Hottest New Liposuction Trends of Fall

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As with fashion, there are trends in cosmetic surgery. Every year or two something new comes along or something that has been previously unknown becomes the new hot ‘thing’ in plastic surgery. Liposuction is no exception. Thanks to new methods that allow liposuction to be completed with less trauma, celebrities and everyday people are having more procedures done. The trends begin when a celebrity or other important figure picks up a procedure and evangelizes it. Sometimes nothing needs to be said – the results speak for themselves.

fall plastic surgery procedures

Arm Liposuction

Thanks to the First Lady women all over the United States are flocking to have their upper arms treated with liposuction. Michelle Obama is known for being the first of all First Ladies to flaunt her well toned upper arms. Her biceps are the envy of many women that are unsatisfied with the stubborn fat that can accumulate on the upper arm. As fall approaches much of the nation will be becoming cooler, but this doesn’t change the fact the upper arm will be visible in clingy fabric. Clothes fit better and the profile is more appealing when the arms are toned all year.

Thigh Gap?

It seems as if everyone in the fashion and acting industry is obsessed with the gap between their thighs. While this sounds suggestive, the reality is that women are concerned with whether or not their thighs touch. A thigh gap is how much room there is between the thigh muscles. One trend that is hitting the liposuction scene is thigh targeting to gain more of a gap between the legs.

Mommy Makeovers

Mommy makeovers are the hot new thing in many circles. Mothers of all ages are visiting plastic surgeons for facelifts, breast lifts, butt lifts, and vaginal rejuvenation. Many women feel that their bodies take a beating during childbirth and motherhood. They are able to return their physique to almost pre-childbearing condition thanks to Mommy Makeover packages. Liposuction is preferable in these packages to the tummy tuck as lipo does not need the same length of recovery time as a tummy tuck.

Male Plastic Surgery

Many men are opting to go under the knife. The big trends here are for implants to increase the perception of muscle mass. Pectoral implants and calf implants give the illusion that the male has larger muscles and giving them more of what many men consider to be a ‘manly’ look. Even though implants are the big deal, men are finding that liposuction can help them chisel away fat and reach a defined look without the surgery involved with implants.

Facial Liposuction

Not long ago the trend was toward bigger, fuller lips. Liposuction has become popular for trimming the lip line now. Cheeks, jowls, and chins are also hot on the list as people find these areas are very hard to slim with traditional exercises. Firming of facial muscles does not always help move deposits of stubborn fat which can lead to puffiness in undesired locations on the face.