Botox for Men

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More men are turning to Botox for anti-aging. In recent years the numbers have seem a dramatic increase in men visiting cosmetic facilities. It isn’t just celebrities that are having Botox treatments, them men that are going for treatment are everyday ‘Joes’. If you are a man and thinking about having a Botox treatment, there are some treatments that are designed for everyone, not just women.

Excessive Sweating

Professional men are using Botox to decrease the amount that they sweat. Sound strange? Think about this: professional men that spend all day in business meetings or shaking hands for business transactions don’t want to sweat. Body odor or sweat stains can ruin clothing and be honest, who likes to touch sweaty hands? Botox has seen a surge in use for treating excessive sweating among men, also known as hyperhidosis.

Men for Botox


The traditional use for Botox has been for reducing the look of wrinkles. Botox works by relaxing the muscles under the skin that cause wrinkles. Repeated treatments can eliminate wrinkles, even deep ones from areas where the muscles are constantly tensed. Men are using this to reduce the ‘worried’ look some may have from creasing their brow too often or the deep lines around the nose and mouth from frowning or concentrating too hard and the muscles tensing.

Other Uses

Botox is also used in other ways for men. Because the toxin in Botox blocks nerve impulses, the injections can be used to help solve a number of problems that plague men. Muscle spasms can be controlled with the injections as can migraines, stress headaches, and even incontinence.

Side Effects

There are some sides effects to using Botox. Bruising is the most common, though headaches can occur, drooping of the eyelids, allergic reaction, nausea, and possibly indigestion. There are some concerns that a patient can become obsessed with their appearance and too reliant on Botox. The people begin to imagine wrinkles where there are none and insist on having more injections. Men are just as likely as women to fall into this fear of aging or Botox reliance.

Botox Results

It can take up to a week for the results of the injections to fully be seen. After the Botox has had time to work and the skin is smoothed, the final results will last from four to six months. When the skin seems to become wrinkled again or when the doctor advises on another visit, Botox can be injected again if desired. Each treatment take about fifteen minutes and leave very small red marks at the site of injection. These marks fade in less than an hour. Patients are able to return to work or other activities right away.

No longer do men need to worry about the stigma of having cosmetic procedures. So many celebrities have paved the way that there is virtually no eye batted when a man visits a plastic surgeon or other provider for cosmetic procedures. Botox is just one more tool to help men stay looking their best for as many years as they wish.