Top Celebs Who Went Under the Knife in 2013

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It is a well known fact that celebrities undergo the knife. They do this for many reasons – to stay younger looking, to increase their sex appeal, and sometimes due to pressure from others. Julie Chen recently admitted to having surgery to make her eyes look ‘less Asian’ in order to secure work after pressure from a news director and an agent when she was 25. We’ve all watched as some celebrities seem to change before our eyes. Michael Jackson was a famous example of multiple surgeries and also what can go wrong.

There are many videos on YouTube claiming to show transformations of celebrities, especially those that want to keep their surgeries hush-hush. Often a celebrity will deny having surgery done only to admit it years later. Rumors keep the internet alive with whispers of who had what done, but this has been going on long before the internet become the gossip mill of today. A peek at archives of old print magazines will reveal speculations on celebrity surgeries from decades ago.

 amanda bynes

Amanda Bynes

This actress and aspiring rap star publicly informed fans that she would be having a nose job. She also admitted to having breast implants removed during 2013. Many celebrities today have been letting people know what they have had done. Amanda Bynes is just one of several celebs that don’t mind the world knowing that they refuse to allow nature to go unchallenged.

Courtney Stodden

The ‘teen wife’, 18 year old Courtney Stodden, told journalists that she felt more feminine after increasing her breast size. Stodden went from a C-cup to a DD-cup after having her surgery. She stated that the surgery made her feel more ‘womanly’ and she was happy with the results. Stodden married 53 year old Doug Hutchinson (actor) in 2011. She is not the only young star to have gone under the knife, in 2012 the former Teen Mom Farrah Abraham openly discussed her own surgery.

Lisa D’Amato

This America’s Top Model star underwent plastic surgery to repair her face after she fell and smashed her nose. D’Amato was on set filming the movie Cowboys and Indians when she slipped and sustained injuries to her nose, lips, and chin, along with those to her forehead. She claims the accident occurred during a prank while ‘messing around’ in her hotel. Plastic surgery for on set or off set accidents are just as common as optional procedures.

Not every celebrity is so forthcoming about their surgeries. There are many speculations about other celebrities – beast augmentation, butt implants, and more. Bruce Jenner is one celebrity that is very touchy about his procedures and in 2012 had a very tense interview with funny man Jimmy Fallon concerning the jokes Fallon made. Others embrace their surgeries and make their own jokes, like Joan Rivers. She’s not only admitted to multiple facelifts, but one famous quote from her is: “I wish I had a twin so I knew what I’d look like without plastic surgery.”