Guide To Recovering from Otoplasty

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Otoplasty is the term used for ear pinning surgery. It is a type of plastic surgery that pins part of the ears to the side of the head and is done by people who have large ears that stick out quite far from the head. This is an elective procedure many adults choose when they don’t like how their ears look based on their position. The otoplasty has a varied recovery time, gradually being able to perform more activities every few days, with full recovery being after three months. Here are some tips for properly recovering from otoplasty.

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Immediately After Surgery

Right after your surgery, your head will be wrapped with a headband garment in order to keep your ears in the position they were pinned. While some of the dressing and bandages are removed after a few days, you will continue wearing the headband garment for several weeks. The surgeon might show you the results after surgery before replacing the bandages and garment, but expect some swelling and bruising. This will go away in time.

24 Hours After Surgery

You will return home about 24 hours after your surgery, and expect some bruising, swelling and mild discomfort. Your surgeon will prescribe you pain killers and antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection and ease some of the pain. You will be asked to remain uplifted while resting or sleeping, with your head propped up on pillows, or sleeping on a recliner. This helps to release pressure and swelling.

2-4 Days After Surgery

You will be asked to return to the hospital after about 2-4 weeks when the heavy bandages are removed and switched out for lighter bandages. These are worn until about 7 days after the surgery. You will keep wearing the soft headband over your ears, though you may be asked only to wear this at night.

1 Week After Surgery

Approximately 1 week after your otoplasty, you are able to resume normal activities, though not any rigorous activities. No contact sports are allowed during this time. However, most of your pain, swelling and bruising has gone down by the one-week mark. You can also start washing your hair with shampoo at this point.

Over the next few weeks, your pain will continue lessening more and more. By one month, you should feel like yourself again, though you need to wait until your doctor gives the okay for more rigorous activities. Total recovery from an otoplasty usually takes about three months.