The Reasons People Get Knee Liposuction

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Liposuction is a very common procedure to be performed, and a relatively safe one as well. As opposed to many other body sculpting procedures, liposuction has very few risks and the side effects don’t last long. Different parts of the body can get liposuction, including the knees. However, unlike other body parts, the knees only have very specific areas where liposuction is safe and effective. It is important to keep this in mind and make sure you are only getting it in the right areas to avoid possible nerve damage.

Where to Get Knee Liposuction

The first thing to understand is exactly where in the body it is acceptable to get liposuction of the knee. The best part is in the medial knee area, which is just inside the leg, though not behind the knee. This is an avocado-shaped pad of fat that often accumulates and can be removed in order to leave a thinner appearance. This is actually a very common problem area for men and women who are not happy with excess fat in this region of their knees.

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Where Not to Get Knee Liposuction

There are a few areas of the knee where liposuction isn’t the best option, including above the knee cap area and behind the knee. Above the knee cap doesn’t actually have much excess fat, but is usually a problem area due to loose skin in this area. Liposuction can make this loose skin problem even worse. Instead of liposuction, you should ask your surgeon about getting a skin lift in the area. Behind the knee is also never done by liposuction because there are nerves and blood vessels here.

Possible Risks of Liposuction

All types of liposuction have some risks to be aware of, including liposuction of the knee. Before deciding whether or not this type of liposuction is right for you, you should first be aware of the potential risks. This includes possible bleeding and swelling of the incision and liposuction area, and the risk of infection. If you do get the procedure done and notice signs of infection, consult your surgeon right away.

If you happen to have a problem in the medial area of your knee, you are likely a good candidate for liposuction of this area. Consult a plastic surgeon about the problem area and that you would like that pocket of fat removed.