5 Cosmetic Procedures That Are Secretly Popular

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There are tons of cosmetic procedures out there. We’ve all heard of breast implants, face lifts, and liposuction. What about the ones we haven’t talked about. Who is having the procedures? Where are they happening? There’s a lot of questions, though most can be answered by tabloids when it comes to the who and wheres.

Often people will think about a part of their body that bothers them. They’ll wonder if there is something that can be done about it…whatever ‘it’ is. Believe it or not, there’s a procedure for almost every single problem part that you can think of. Yes, even there – and there- and especially there.

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Feet Fillers

Wearing high heels for hours can lead to some very sore feet. The ball of the foot can become so sore that it is hard to walk at all. In big cities where women wear high heels every day, dermal fillers for the feet are popular. The dermal filler is applied in the areas where the feet have the highest pressure during walking. This procedure is still experimental with mixed results.

Ball Ironing

While this name is crude, it;s the most popular term used by those that have undergone it. The procedure is smoothing the skin of the scrotum. While it doesn’t actually involve using a laser on the scrotum, the areas around it are tightened which helps smooth and tighten the scrotum. The procedure costs upward of $500 and is usually only used by celebrities. In fact the craze for this procedure was inspired by George Clooney.

Necklace Lines

Dermal fillers are also being used to help reduce the aged appearance of the neck. Those tell-tale necklace lines, deep lines in the neck under the chin and where a necklace falls, can be filled by a skilled surgeon or smoothed with botox. The results give a smoother look and more youthful profile. The procedure is a sensitive one and must be done only by a very experienced surgeon. When not completed correctly there can be significant problems, such as throat paralysis and dry mouth/painful swallowing.

Golf Ball Chin

Have you ever seen a pebbly chin and wondered why? This comes from tension in the lower jaw, often from frowning. This can be corrected with dermal fillers or with botox. By using botox the area is paralyzed and the muscles cannot clench in the tip of the chin. This allows the muscles to relax and those dimples will fade away leaving a smooth, younger looking chin.

Cankle Lipo

There’s thousands of women having their ankles slimmed by lipo. This procedure helps the ‘cankle’ turn into a smooth, sexy ankle. A ‘cankle’ is when the calf and ankle seem to run together without a curve. Ankle definition is helped with this procedure.