Celebrities Secretly Get Cosmetic Surgery

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There’s no question that the world of acting is a very competitive business. Many movie and T.V. directors stress a youthful appearance for the actors and actresses. New talent comes out each day, and many stars feel the pressure to get plastic surgery in order to keep up with those who are rising up in the business. Let’s take a look at 3 celebrities that secretly got plastic surgery without the knowledge of others. You may be amazed by the fact that their work was done so well that many thought the changes came naturally.

Star Jones

Star Jones was a popular member of the morning television show, The View. She struggles with her weight for many years, and spoke openly about the challenges of losing weight. Ms. Jones underwent a common procedure called gastric bypass. This procedure involves making the stomach smaller, thus enabling a person to eat less food to feel full during meal times. As a result, rapid weight loss can come to the astonishment of others. Some people have reported weight loss of 200 pounds or more in as little as a month’s time. Many people were unaware that Star had this procedure done until she came out and spoke openly about her decision to change her life due to health risks.

Melanie Griffin

A popular actress by the name of Melanie Griffith is another person that you may not be aware of who had plastic surgery. Her appearance slowly began to show signs of plastic surgery over the years however. One of the more noticeable areas of work involves the lips. Paparazzi photographers began getting pictures of Melanie Griffith after she received lip injections. She has denied getting the Botox injections, but if you look at before and after photos of her, you’ll see that her lips have taken on a more full look than ever before.

John Travolta

john travolta - plastic surgery

John Travolta is one of the most influential actors of our time, and he is also someone who has opted for plastic surgery in the past. A procedure John Travolta received involved a hair line improvement. He is rumored to have had hair implants along the front and sides of his hair line. He, like many other celebrities, has frequently denied reports of his plastic surgery. perhaps celebrities are more sensitive to people knowing they had cosmetic work done since they are in the public eye. However, there is little doubt that most older celebrities today have had some form of cosmetic work.