Cosmetic Surgery For The Young Celebrity

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When people think of cosmetic surgery and Hollywood, they often think of aging celebrities who get surgery in order to keep up with younger competition. However, there is a growing number of young celebrities who are opting to go with cosmetic surgery to enhance their personal careers. This is perhaps most evident in so-called reality stars of the current generation. The pressure to stay relevant often pushes celebrities to get cosmetic surgery at younger ages.

Farrah Abraham - Plastic Surgery

Photo Courtesy Of Intouch Magazine

Farrah Abraham

The MTV show “Teen Mom” chronicles the struggles of young mothers who find themselves with the sudden responsibility of taking care of a child. Farrah Abraham is one of the most controversial people involved with this show, and it mostly has to do with her actions following her appearance on the show. Farrah is famous for getting surgery to her face and her breast size. As a result she finds herself promoting what looks to be a promising pornography career. She has also received liposuction in her legs and stomach, though some argue that she was thin enough before she received copious amounts of cosmetic surgery.

Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush has vehemently denied that she received cosmetic surgery, but many close to her have confirmed that she has received it. One of the most beautiful actresses of our time, she got her start on the popular T.V. series “One Tree Hill.” One procedure Sophia is rumored to have gotten involves Botox lip injections. From one year to the next, it was clear that her lips became more full and pronounced. When asked about the possibility of cosmetic surgery, she claimed that her lips were enlarged due to a medical condition.

Ashley Simpson

Ashley Simpson is another young celebrity who received cosmetic surgery. She had a nose job to correct what she determined to be an unsightly area for her. She claims that the main reason for her procedure was to improve her breathing at night while she slept. While this is indeed a common reason to receive this procedure, there is no denying that her nose took on a suddenly smaller appearance following her operation. Regardless of the reasons, there is little doubt that cosmetic surgery remains a hot topic among those in the entertainment industry. The more successful someone becomes, the more pressure they receive to conform to what the public, and perhaps more importantly, what directors what to see physically in their actors that they hire.