Trim Your Figure With Non-Invasive Surgery

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Cosmetic surgery is constantly expanding to include multiple problem areas of the body. Advances in medicine allow more people to get the cosmetic treatment they need. When people think of surgery they often think about recovery time and pain associated with making their appearance look better. It is hard to justify missing work for extended recovery time periods due to a cosmetic surgery procedure. There for it is important to opt for much less invasive options when looking to improve your appearance. The good news is that not all cosmetic surgery is painful. There are many non-invasive cosmetic surgery techniques which are becoming more popular by the day.

Non-Invasive Surgery - smart lipo - botox - body contouring

Smart Lipo

Smart liposuction is considered a non-invasive surgical technique for eliminating fatty areas of the body. Traditional liposuction requires the physical removal of semi-solid fat deposits throughout the body. While effective, this procedure does require substantial recovery time for the body. Some people experience heavy bruising, soreness and general discoloration of areas in which liposuction is performed. Smart liposuction uses lasers to melt the fat away. The body absorbs this fat, and what is not absorbed can be removed through small incisions in the body, making this procedure much less invasive than others.


Another form of non-invasive surgery is Botox injections. These injections are usually saline solutions designed to fill in wrinkle areas in the face. Many celebrities and public figures receive Botox because there are often no side effects after the procedure is complete. The procedure itself does not take very long. Essentially your doctor will use a fine needle to slowly inject the solution to problem areas of the face. The forehead is the area most commonly associated with Botox injections, and your face can take on a trimmed appearance when loose areas are tightened with the solution.

If your main problem area is your stomach then you do have some options in regard to skin tightening. Skin tightening or layering is a process by which one problem area is cut out or removed. The skin that is left in the abdominal region is then connected through small internal sutures in small areas at a time. While you do have to go under the knife for this procedure, it not considered as invasive as some surgeries which require impatient care. Take the time to research all of the non-invasive ways you can begin to trim fat from your body, and you may be surprised to learn of the many options available.