Alternatives To Sun Block This Summer

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As summer is approaching, everyone is ready to throw on those cute suits and get some sun!  However, as fun as the sun can be, it can also be very dangerous for our skin. We have heard for years how important it is to wear sunblock, but it smells and feels greasy.  Thankfully, there are several new products on the market that can help protect your skin from the sun, and keep you from smelling like a coconut bottle.

One of the new products is made by Bare Minerals, who is known for creating all natural make up that makes you look great, but also makes your skin stay healthy. This product is in a powder form that looks similar to cover up, and is applied just as cover up. It works for your face, stomach, legs and shoulders. The powder has 30 SPF, and even helps cover some of your minor blemishes on the body. However, this product is more recommended if you’re staying out of the water and just strictly working on that golden brown tan!

Sun ProtectionAnother great option for those that love jumping in the water is to wear sun protective clothing. Many companies now are making long sleeve shirts, shorts, hats and full body suits that help give you sun protection, and still allow you to enjoy your fun. One company in mind is called Tuga. When wearing their clothing you get 50 SPF protection, and you get the leisure of swimming and enjoying your time.

Lastly, one of the new hot products is called Sun Guard made by Rite. By adding just a table spoon to every laundry load you will be adding 50 SPF.  This helps protect you whether you’re out at a park, or swimming in a pool.

Although you may not be a fan of sun block, it is important to always wear some method of sun screen. These are just a few products that can help fight off those sun rays.

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