Want A Tighter, Firmer Booty? Introducing The Brazilian Butt Lift

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Many women begin to lose tone in many places of the body as they get older. Many women lose the most definition in the Buttock region. There are many who long for the firm buttocks that is common in youth, and just can’t seem to find the results that they crave from diet, or any workout regimen. For many, the prospect of having Buttocks Augmentation is very intriguing. It’s quickly gaining in popularity as the procedure continues to be perfected, the recovery time shortened, and the results to be outstanding.

Buttocks Augmentation is a procedure where fat is injected into the buttocks region to add structure. Unlike other procedures it involves using the patient’s own fat to inject into the site to give a more naturalistic appearance with much longer lasting results. There is also less risk involved when performed, and the average downtime is much less than with other more invasive surgical procedures.

Brzilian Butt Lift

The process of shape-modifying injections, most commonly referred to as the Brazilian Butt Lift. Fat is removed from other parts of the body through liposuction and relocates it to the areas for augmentation. Medically called fat injections, or fat transfer or grafting, the fat from one area of the body is relocated meaning there is less risk for rejection, and gives a more realistic look.

The fat that is excised from other regions such as, the abdomen or thighs, is purified and processed and then used as filler for a total butt lift design. Small incisions are made into the gluteal cheeks, placing the harvested fat at several different layers dispersing it, giving the buttocks a firmer, rounder appearance. After about 6 weeks the results are amazing, turning back the hands of time and giving the individual the curvier derriere they had in their youth. Giving his women the self-confidence that they crave, looking better when both coming and going. Curvier and shapely definition is the result that makes all the difference for his satisfied patients.

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