Henna Tattoos Not Permanent But Possibly Dangerous

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Have you thought about getting a tattoo but have been too scared of the pain? Or you hate the thought of that tattoo being forever? The Henna tattoo is an ink that is put on your body that is pain free! It is more like dye that stays on the body for a couple of weeks at the most. Many touristy towns and cities have artist on the street that will do a Henna tattoo for a couple of bucks! The color that you commonly see is a pale reddish clay look. The true Henna is made from a flower that dyes the skin and is naturally all made.

However, there is a new Henna ink that has come out and it is black. Many people like the black look because the tattoo of their choice is darker and looks real, this way people can see the art work they have chosen to put on their body. In theory this sounds great however; the new black ink has some danger.

Some black ink Henna has a chemical called phenylenediamine (PPD) which is a very powerful ink dye that can cause allergic reactions.  This chemical has been showing up in more and more ink which can cause serious swelling, a painful rash or burning sensation.

It is important when going for a Henna tattoo you ask the artist about the kind of Henna ink they are using. Although you may not be able to find out if PPD is in every black ink used, it is important to try and educate yourself first instead of waiting until it is too late.

Henna Tattoo Danger