Why You May Consider Breast Implants

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Sometimes people wonder why anyone would think about having breast implants. The reasons are different for different people. No one can say exactly why someone should have them, the decision is personal. While there are those that would downplay the significance of breasts in self image, the truth is that many women feel better when they have breasts of a certain size. Allowing someone to influence your decision is detrimental to your self esteem. The choice to have or to not have breast implants should be yours alone.

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Self Esteem

Self image is important. Media tells us we should look a certain way and so do other people. This should not be a part of your decision. What should influence your choice is how you feel about yourself. If you have always wanted a larger cup size and think you would look better, then good for you. Wanting to improve your self esteem is a perfectly valid reason for enlarging your breasts. Do not allow your decision to be influenced by a partner that wants you to have larger breasts – pursue them because it is you that want them.

Some studies over the past few years have shown women with breast implants do have an increase in self esteem and confidence. This is for women who made the choice based on their own preferences, not due to prodding from a partner.

Reconstructive Breast Surgery

Again, breasts are important to some women’s self image. After a mastectomy there are women that choose to go without reconstruction and some that want to have implants. Both choices are ultimately up to the person in question. If you choose to live without reconstruction, that doesn’t make you less of a person. Choosing to have implants to replace the lost breast tissue does not make a woman a traitor to breast cancer survivors. This is a deeply personal choice and one that should be handled with a caring surgeon.

Mismatched Breasts

One common reason women choose to get implants is to achieve a more symmetrical look. Most women have one breast that is larger than the other. For quite a few women this difference in size can be noticeable. If you have breasts that are very ‘off’ in size, you may decide to get implants to correct this.

Lost Volume

After pregnancy and breastfeeding some women lose breast volume. The loss can be significant and implants can restore the size, plus firmness of the breast. Wrinkling in the skin happens after the loss of tissue, causing the breast to look ‘older’. Implants can help smooth the skin by filling the ’empty’ space. Sagging can be corrected as well and gives a new life to breasts even years after breastfeeding has been discontinued.

As you can see there are many different reasons to have implants. Your own reasons may be different, but every woman thinking about implants can find a surgeon willing to counsel her on whether or not breast augmentation is right for her situation.