What to Expect from Back Liposuction

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While the majority of women are seeking breast implants, arm lifts, or facelifts, there is a surprising segment of the community that are getting back liposuction. There is great success with using liposuction to remove fat from the back and to get rid of some embarrassing humps and bulges back there. Here is what to expect from a back liposuction procedure.

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Areas that Can Be Treated By Liposuction with Good Success:

  • The “Buffalo Hump” – the section of back fat near the upper portion, near the neck area.
  • Lumbo-sacral Area – fat can be distributed in the lower back midline, right above tailbone.
  • Infra-scapular Area – fat that is settling above the waist and the lower shoulder blades. Known as the female flank area.
  • Posterior Axillary Area – this is fat that is near the armpit, on the upper and outer portion of back.
  • Posterior Waist Area – this is areas of fat that are above the hip region.

Back Liposuction Post-Op Care and Recovery

After your procedure, you will need absorbent pads around your back, typically held by means of a torso compression garment. There is little need to work the area to get it to drain, just the normal rise and fall of respiration is usually enough to expel the anesthetic solution. Your doctor will go over the do’s and don’ts of recovery and when your follow-up appointment will be so that he can see your healing progress. After you’ve healed, you’ll be released to full activities.

Care Needed In Back Liposuction

There is a thick dermal fat layer in the back region, but usually not a deep section of fat. If there is excessive liposuction done in this area because of there being a lack of deep fat, there can be skin discoloration and injury. Skin injury can result in erythema ab liporaspiration, or a permanent discoloration of skin. Talk with your doctor to assure yourself there will be no aggressive liposuction done to your back region so that there is no scars or discoloration.

Back liposuction is only one of the many procedures that can help get rid of stubborn fat that may be hindering your appearance or your self-confidence. Talking with a doctor about your procedure options can help you achieve your goals. You may also check on getting back liposuction using the tumescent technique which is safer and uses microcannulas, or smaller tools, so that there is less tissue damage and less trauma to the body.